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Which Rise Armament Trigger?

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We've been using Rise Armament trigger for years and have generally been impressed with them. The challenge however is deciding which one. Even as a user of a few different models I sometimes get confused as to which one does what or offers which advantage. Adding to that confusion is how widely the price seems to vary at times.

Recently, Rise Armament sent out an email detailing the coatings used, what they do, and which triggers use which coatings. This helps a lot in understanding not only properties of a trigger, but also price as the coating process adds to the final price. With permission from Rise Armament here's some of the tech that goes into their triggers.

RISE precision machines the drop-in triggers’ internal components from S7 tool steel then heat treats them for heavy-hit hardness. This enables the triggers to deliver solid contact with the firing pin time after time. Next, RISE finishes the trigger parts with one of three metal treatments: Black Nitride, Nickel Boron, or Nickel Teflon.

For reference, your average MIL-SPEC trigger has a pull weight of 7.0-10lbs, pretravel (the creep you feel getting to the break) of 0.11", and overtravel (how much the trigger moves past the break) of 0.13". As you see the specs of Rise Armament triggers you'll see how they make "going fast" easier. Pricing varies widely, we've listed and linked some of the common spots and how they were priced as of 9OCT22. As far as we know all Rise Armament triggers include anti-walk pins, hardware, and tools for install.

Black Nitride is a surface treatment that yields a smooth, uniform, and corrosion-resistant finish. It improves the durability, increases hardness and strength, and is easy to clean.

Triggers with Black Nitride

Blitz Blackout Trigger

Pull Weight: 3.0-3.5lbs

Travel to Break (creep): 0.038"

Overtravel: 0.024"

Unit Weight: 2.4oz

RAVE-140: This was the first model we ever tried. An excellent, affordable upgrade.

Pull weight: 3.5lbs

Travel to Break: 0.044"

Overtravel: 0.045"

Unit Weight: 2.5oz

LE-145: A little more travel and pull weight as appropriate for high-stress applications.

Pull weight: 4.5lbs.

Travel to Break: 0.04"

Overtravel: 0.06"

Unit Weight: 2.6oz

ICONIC: This is Rise Armament's latest design; a unique two-stage trigger that doesn't stack stage weights. When the trigger's center is flush with the sides you're at the wall. We haven't had much time with this one yet, but it seems ideal for timing shots/precision work. Specifications are fizzy on this one, listed differently on different websites.

Pull Weight: 1lbs 1st stage, 2lbs 2nd stage

Travel to Break: __

Overtravel: __

Unit Weight: __

Nickel Boron coating provides an additional layer of hardness and strength to the steel while reducing contact points between parts’ surfaces. It acts almost as a lubricant, providing smooth operation of the trigger.

Triggers with Nickel Boron

RA-434 HPT We have a couple of these and enjoy them as a good performance trigger without getting too silly (but you may want to warn buddies who try your gun).

Pull Weight: 3.5lbs

Travel to Break: 0.04"

Overtravel: 0.05"

Unit Weight: 2.4oz

The Patriot Trigger This is an easy favorite of ours, and has been used in a couple of builds including the 'Merigun. Performance similar to the RA-434, but with a touching cause both Teya and I can relate to. Rise Armament teamed with Folds of Honor to support the creation of scholarships for the children and spouses of those killed or disabled serving our nation. A great trigger supporting a great cause.

Pull Weight: 3.5lbs

Travel to Break: 0.04"

Overtravel: 0.05"

Unit Weight: 2.4oz

Nickel Teflon is an advanced finish with Teflon chips mixed in the nickel prior to application. It provides a harder, stronger surface and slick, smooth operation. Because the Teflon chips are incorporated in the nickel, Teflon continues to surface over time, enhancing the lubricity and feel with use.

Triggers with Nickel Teflon

RA-535 APT is the "go fast" trigger if there ever was one. Burping off bursts is almost like double-clicking a computer mouse. I've been able to replicate rates of fire that draw attention with this trigger. With such short travel to and after the shot I recommend this for competition or "go-fast" times, but not for bench shooting as you might blip off more shots than intended from the bench.

Pull Weight: 3.5lbs

Travel to Break: 0.032"

Overtravel: 0.021"

Unit Weight: 2.3oz

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3 opmerkingen

I have an Iconic, a Blitz and a Patriot. I'm honestly a huge fan of how the Iconic approached a 2 stage. The first stage blade is extremely light but gives the tactile feedback of priming the trigger, it's a very short take up, and then the second stage is just a little bit further. The Blitz vs Patriot I can't tell much of a difference between in actual functionality... All three I am very pleased with. All are very short pull and positive/tactile reset. Definitely have to warn others that the Blitz and Patriot are definitely ready to go.

The Iconic has a fairly wide blade, the Blitz is medium, and the Patriot fairly skinny.

I don't regret any…


Rob Bozgoz
Rob Bozgoz
10 okt. 2022

I bought the 140 for my 1st of 2 “Down with Nancy Pelosi Builds” after passage of H.R. 1808. I haven’t tested it yet but I definitely felt more confidence than the Mil-Spec trigger that came with the lower parts kit.

Graham Baates
Graham Baates
10 okt. 2022
Reageren op

The 140 is a massive upgrade from mil-spec without getting too wild.

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