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Range Ready

Graham and Teya will be brining you thoughts, reflections and notes of our experiences using various gear on and off camera as well as off the range. 
Graham is an Army veteran of 15 years and two wars, competitive shooter, and former shooting instructor. Now working in the industry "Graham" writes for and and augments those articles with these videos. Look for articles by Graham Baates in Tactical Life, Combat Handguns, and Personal Defense World magazines.
Teya is also an Army combat veteran (Combat Medic in Iraq), mother, takes self defense seriously. In the Army she was trained as an armorer and trained with a variety of firearms. Professional non-military training includes CENTER-T (AK and Pistol) and Front Sight (pistol). "I've always enjoyed shooting and appreciated the design of firearms, but not to the extent I do now. Being part of GBGuns reignited those interests for me and I continue to learn more everyday. It is my absolute privilege to be part of the channel and I am excited to see what we'll bring you next."
As always we thank you for your support!

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