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We started this website in part because over the years we've been asked hundreds (if not thousands) of times where to find something. YouTube no longer allows any links to any website selling anything remotely related to firearms. That's forced us to be a bit rude and either ignore the question or respond by directing folks looking for help to search the internet. We know what it's like to not know which vendors to trust or not, who has good prices, etc.

We also felt the financial crunch of maintaining the channel and looked for another way to earn back some of the expenses of the channel. Combining answers to those two needs with our ability to release information uncensored, and give a little more detail than we do in video is this website.

The links below are affiliate links. Yes, that's right, GBGuns now has affiliate links, but rather than pimp out our supporters to random products and companies we've selected a few based on our experiences with the companies and products. We won't link to anything we wouldn't recommend to a friend, but if you use these links a small portion of your purchase will come back to support the channel and this website.

General Sources of Goods:

  • Brownell's: Quite possibly the largest collection of knowledge, parts, and all things gun-related on the internet. The friendly folks at Brownell's know a lot about a lot of things and will point you in the right direction. That's an excellent trait because their website isn't always the easiest to browse. An excellent place if you already know what you're looking for.

  • Primary Arms: The list of things offered at Primary Arms seems ever-expanding. A long way from just a couple basic AR parts and their house brand optics listings of yesteryear. Primary Arms tends to have great deals on items with limited quantities, so browse quickly if you think you've found what you want. We go here to find some of the cool-guy brand AR parts at a more reasonable price.

  • Palmetto State Armory: Another giant that continues to grow. Some of the best prices on the internet for guns and ammo can be found here, if the item's in stock. Regulars follow forums and groups that track when restock day is to snatch up items before they disappear again. PSA is no stranger to leaving listings on their site that likely won't be restocked (think Zillow, but guns). Once you learn to accept that and shop "in stock only" there can be some great deals.

  • Sportsman's Guide: Long before starting the channel this was a name I saw often on my banking statements. Just about everything for the outdoors. Some of it great, some of it ok, but they will have something. Be cautious with ammo purchases as we've been waiting over a year for a couple of shipments, but for all other outdoor gear this is a great place. Their four-pay plan is also a great way to break up big-ticket purchases without dinging your credit. (Ask me how I know). They've also been a long-time supporter of the channel via Patreon without asking for a thing in return.

  • LA Police Gear: This is another name that has graced my credit card statements for years. Don't let the name fool you, most of what they offer today is more at home on the range, hike, or camping than on duty, but they do have stuff for cops too. My favorite aspect of LA Police Gear is the affordable stuff. They often serve as an outlet for major brands and will clear them out at massive discounts, just be quick if size or color is important to you. They've also made leaps and bounds with their own house brand. The LAPG-brand gear is mostly made overseas to keep costs down, and sometimes not as ideal as that 5.11 or Vertx gear you were eyeing (they carry them too), but at a price that is less intimidating to experiment with.


  • Ammo Squared We've been customers for years and it helped us get through the crunch of 2020. Ammo Squared is more of an ammo bank account than a regular vendor. Decide which caliber and projectile type you're after, set a monthly budget, and let your stockpile grow. By joining through you'll get a $20 credit, and Ammo Squared will add a percentage of your spend to our ammo budget.

  • True Shot Gun Club A company we hadn't done much business with in the past, but when we found that their prices remained fair throughout the 2020 ammo crunch we were impressed. You may not find pre-pandemic pricing, but prices tend to be better than most online vendors.


  • What once was a source for gun reviews and news transformed a couple years ago. News and reviews have taken a backseat to what is now a new and used firearms marketplace. Prices can vary depending on what people are looking to make from the guns, but you can find some of the oddballs here that don't appear elsewhere due to distribution challenges.

Concealment and Range Bags

  • Elite Survival Systems You've seen their clever bags in several of our videos. Excellent quality, practical designs, and low profile without the "try hard" some of the other bag makers end up with. Teya uses one of their backpacks as a range bag and we regularly use their various rifle and SBR bags.


  • CrossBreed Holsters: I avoided this brand for too long simply because I don't care to have a religious symbol on my holster. That was a mistake, not only do they have one of the more thurough listings of compatible guns (this is where I get Grand Power holsters for example) but for me their hybrid option is awesome for strong side carry. I won't pretend that there's one holster answer for every one. There isn't. Finding the right holster for your body type, gun, carry position, clothing style, and comfort threshold is a journey that everyone must embark on. I've just been a fan of CrossBreed and have one for each gun in my carry rotation.

A Boost

  • 4D Life: Their logo, website, and packaging may look a bit basic, but basic is what they do well at. Teya and I started trying this supplement/drink mix a couple months ago and have enjoyed it. We have an article here on the site with more details, but essentially it's like a soft load of energy drink, pre-workout, and vitamin boost all in one. Not as crazy as a dedicated blast from any of them, but a nice boost for energy and mood. Coupon code "GBGuns25" gets you 25% off the big packs, but does not work on the samplers which is where we recommend starting.

We'll likely add to this list over time and update as vendors come and go. So far this is a good place to start. We'd like to hear from you in the comment section if you've had multiple experiences with any of these companies that someone should know about. We appreciate your support. By using these links you're supporting the website and channel.

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