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GrabaGun Doesn't Care

We've long been customers of GrabaGun, and even included links to them in our articles because they often have great prices. Unfortunately a recent experience suggests that their ideologies may be contrary to the very consumers they serve.

What Happened: We purchased two pistols for review on the channel. A week went by without shipment confirmation, but we've learned to be patient in recent times. When we finally got an order update it was a notification that GrabaGun would not ship to Oregon because of Measure 114. I was given two choices:

  1. Grabagun removes the included magazines and ships the guns.

  2. Grabagun cancels and refunds the order.

I quickly replied informing GrabaGun that they had mistakingly been missing out on business. Measure 114 has an injunction against it on state and federal Constituion grounds. Not only is the rest of the industry still shipping to Oregon, but some companies like Palmetto State Armory are even prioritizing shipping to Oregon to ensure that American citizens can exercise their rights.

Since the guns in the order are ones we already have magazines for, the idea of not getting magazines was not terrible, but with most pistol magazines costing $30-40 and a total of four included magazines expected in the order I proposed a third option.

  • Grabagun removes the magazines, discounts the order by the value of the magazines, and ships the order.

This to me seemed most fair since my order to them was for pistols with magazines. False advertising aside, If one item is not going to ship then it should not be charged, especially if they're going to then list the magazines for sale on their website (this is not confirmed, but what else are they going to do? Magazines for both pistols are currently listed on their site as available for sale).

GrabaGun's Response: They asked that I respect their business deciscions. I have done that by canceling the order and placing the same order with a company who cares about citizens being legally armed.

The Problem: Oregon Measure 114 is not in effect, and not likely to go into effect. GrabaGun's decision seems financially based to steal from consumers by charging them for magazines and not shipping them. If GrabaGun was truly concerned by, or in support of Measure 114 they wouldn't ship any firearms to Oregon since the measure also required a purchasing permit system which does not exist (making firearms transfers legally impossible).

GrabaGun's policy towards Oregon is selective and only relates to one part of a law that is not in effect. Despite my efforts to educate them, they ask that we "respect their choices". I have, and will not be ordering again from GrabaGun anytime soon. We suggest that you also respect their choice and be selective in where you spend your money as a similar policy may soon be applied to your state, ethnicity, favorite color, or any other means of descrimination.

It pains me to make a post like this because the firearms industry and enthusiasts face enough external challenges that the last thing we need are internal challenges. At the moment it appears that GrabaGun does not have our Civil Rights in mind as much as they do finding new ways to profit from those who exercise their rights.

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