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When the "Fancy Stuff" is Worth It.

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We recently did a round up of our "Affordable Options" playlist and included some of the best of that list in an article. Now it's time to take a look at the, "Fancy Stuff".

What Makes it Fancy? As a general rule, guns in this playlist are priced above average, typically because they include features, design, or manufacturing that goes above and beyond. These are guns that include pride of ownership with their asking price, and may require a defined taste to appreciate. These are more than you "need" for defense or games, but likely would serve well there too. This list is meant to be a guide or wish list of the fancier stuff we've tried and found to be worth the price.

Why List Pricier stuff? The intent of this list is to highlight guns that may be worth the extra cash if you're interested. We'll attempt to rationalize the price through explanation of what makes them different or worthy of a higher-than-average price. We did not include guns/products simply because they're priced higher.

Pistols & Related

Icarus Precision: Refined options for Sig P320 and P365 grip modules machined from billet aluminum. Enhanced ergonomics and increased weight that really changes the feel of these modular guns.

Inside Icarus Article on TTAG

Video of Icarus Precision visit.

Arex Zero 2S: Price here comes from the complexity, materials, and manufacturing cost of making an all-metal DA/SA pistol with advanced features an in Europe. If you've seen our reviews of this pistol you know why we think it's worth it.

Cosaint Arms Cos 11: These pistols are custom and hand-built to order in the America and bring the now-trendy "2011" option to single stack and a few different calibers if desired.

$1,700+ Direct from Cosaint Arms

Canik SFX Rival pictured with aftermarket Canik TiN threaded barrel and Mecanik red dot.

Canik SFX Rival: Canik isn't known for being pricey, and this one certainly isn't for what you get. If you're not into competition there's not much "need" for an SFX, unless you simply enjoy dominating every range trip!

After years of hard use in a damp climate this X-Calibur's barrel is showing some abuse. New production models are no longer stainless.

Grand Power X-Calibur: A competition-oriented verison of my personal favorite, the K100. The 5" bull barrel is heavily fluted and slide skeletonized to just about the bare minimum. Combined it takes the already-stellar Grand Power shooting experience to the next level!

Pictured with the aftermarket Compensator from RAIN6

Archon Firearms Type B: As explained in another article, the sheer logistics of producing this pistol likely has a big impact on the price, but it shoots flatter than most any other pistol of its size and weight class. Excellent ergonomics, and four magazines included in a very nice pistol wallet.

Langdon Tactical 92 Elite LTT: Everything the Beretta 92 should and can be! Cost here comes from an Italian gun that then gets personal touches and tunes from the American Langdon Tactical team. A double action smoother than some single actions and the ergonomics of the Beretta 92 fixed!

Shown wearing custom, "GBGuns" LOK Grips and a Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame: Based on the PPQ, but with a sculpted steel frame and skeletonized slide. This pistol is a functional piece of German manufacturing art! One of the heaviest pistols on the market, it just sits in your hand soaking up recoil.

Special Editions from $2,893 on

Rifles & Related

The WOOX Furiosa Chassis shown on a beater Remington 700

Woox Furiosa Chassis: A mix of Italian and American craftsmanship goes into making these unique chassis. Features provide the accuracy enhancement of a chassis with the comfort and temperature-neutral benefits of a traditional wood stock. Incredibly comfortable to shoot and a true head turner.

Stock Versions from $599 direct from WOOX

PWS MK 111 Mod 1-M 7.62x39 Upper shown on a Diamondback lower and with Lucid Optics M7 Red Dot

Primary Weapons Systems: The cooler, cleaner-running benefits of a long stroke piston combined with the accuracy and familiarity of the AR. You don't need a PWS lower to run one of their uppers. Slap one on and enjoy quieter (when suppressed), cleaner, and cooler running like the AK guys do while not giving up the AR ergonomics! Available in multiple calibers as pistol or rifle uppers.

Used complete firearms from $1,199.99 on

Uppers and complete firearms from $799.99 on GrabaGun

DoubleStar 3GR 2.0: You don't have to compete in 3-Gun to take advantage of the developments gun racing has brought. Unlike other companies, DoubleStar's 3GR 2.0 was designed with and by those who DO play gun games. Super-flat and soft-shooting while not giving up on reliability. Yes, basic black is also an option.

Web Article (full article was in a magazine)

Dark Storm Industries Variant 1 non-NFA: With all that CNC machines can do these days why not enjoy a little art on receivers? This sexy and fun "firearm" falls between the crack of firearm classifications and so is neither a rifle nor pistol as equipped from the manufacturer.

DoubleStar Midnight Dragon: Have you ever wanted an AR that was offensively accurate?

Yup! 0.5"x0.3" 10-shot group!

Our Midnight Dragon has punched a .5"x.3" 10-shot group at 100 yards! Build like a classic varmint rifle, and ridiculously accurate.

Article was in a magazine


Genesis Arms Gen-12: This brilliant system TRULY runs 12 gauge out of AR-10-sized receivers. In fact, you can run one of their uppers (and mag of course) on an existing lower as we've shown in multiple videos. The short-recoil system runs just about any load with low recoil and great speed. A true blast to shoot.

Complete Firearms from $2,449.99 Direct from Genesis Arms

We hope this guide serves you well as a guide or wish list. Let us know in the comment sections if you own any of these or any other "fancy" purchases that you've found to be totally worth it.

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Interesting! I have a few of these as well. Another gun I'd add is the Kriss Sphinx SDP. It's a CZ derivative made with the utmost quality. Mine features HALO sights a light 4.5lb trigger, and a definite pride of ownership factor! Acquired in 2015, I've since enriched my safe with three more: 2 more SDP compacts, and one, rare, subcompact.


May 01, 2022

Wow, so many possibilities. Thanks for this!


Donald Skalitzky
Donald Skalitzky
May 01, 2022

Gun Zone Deals has the X-Calibur in stock for $680

Replying to

Thanks for mentioning our good friends at GZD!

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