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Cosaint Arms COS11, Not Another 1911

With over 100 years in production in various forms (and two world wars) the 1911 is about as American as apple pie. Great ergonomics, a crisp single-action trigger, and an undeniable aesthetic have made the 1911 almost timeless. I saw almost because over time technology, machining capabilities, a better understanding of what makes for a good handgun, and even style trends have worn away at Browning's design. While some companies continue to churn out the same thing others like Cosaint Arms have added some 21st century to the classic design.

We discovered Cosaint Arms thanks to viewer comments and after speaking with them were eager to get our hands on one. These are not factory guns. Each pistol is built to order. There are too many fine details in the design to list out here, but we covered them in our initial tabletop video.

If you're thinking that the basic layout looks a bit like the double-stack guns out there you're not far off. The founder of Cosaint spent a lot of time working for one of those companies but left to start his own where more attention to detail could be maintained and truly custom guns built. Why should you care? That polymer stock to the handgun no only provides for more ergonomic opportunities, but also shifts the weight balance considerably.

Small, thin handguns tend to have a lot of muzzle flip. The action cycling feels more violent and there's less real estate to hold onto when shooting. These are compromises we've been forced to make to have a more concealable, more comfortable carry gun. When Cosaint Arms introduced polymer lowers to single-stack guns they created a pistol that feels a bit front heavy when pointed in. The result is something much more comfortable to shoot than other guns in the same size class. Almost like a competition gun the pistols seems to settle right back down to where it was pointed before the shot. Looking back at our Shooting Impressions video it's almost embarrassing how much the channel and our shooting has changed. Never stop learning!

Back on topic, the COS11 looks and operates like a 1911, but is a totally different shooting experience. These custom-built guns bring the platform to the 21st century and integrate the last 100+ years of tactics and ergonomic developments. They are not inexpensive, yet offer a complete custom build (barrel length, caliber, slide type, frame material, and grip module) at prices still below some of the factory guns out there. If you're looking for something special that can serve on your hip, as the start of the show on the range, and something truly yours I strongly recommend checking out Cosaint Arms.

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