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The Best Range Ammo Quest: Part 3

In the third installment of our search for the best 9mm 115gr range ammo we add two more loads to our list of what's been tested bringing the total to six loads. Fiocchi's "9AP" 115gr and PMC Bronze. In the second installment we tested Blazer Brass and Blazer Aluminum and added them to our first results of Sterling Brass and Winchester White Box. This testing is made possible thanks to our Patrons, and we are open to your suggestions for loads to add to the next update.

Loads tested so far include offerings from Winchester, Fiocchi, Blazer, PMC, and Sterling
Loads tested so far include offerings from Winchester, Fiocchi, Blazer, PMC, and Sterling

What Is the best bang for your buck depends largely on your goals. As you see the chart below keep the following in mind:

  • More muzzle energy will have more felt recoil, but also be able to slog through a dirty gun or possibly help compensate for poor form (limp wristing).

  • Less muzzle energy will have less felt recoil, but going too light may not cycle your gun depending on it's basic design, your shooting form, and any added weight (red dots, etc).

  • Consistency (lower extreme spread and standard deviation numbers) is key if you seek the maximum in accuracy.

  • Forget having a favorite vendor. As you'll see below the best price for any aprticular load varies from shop to shop with some loads having up to a $0.27 per-round range in pricing!

The Raw Data:

Titles so far, Prices, and Sources:

Blazer Brass: Most Consistent

Blazer Brass Ammunition Test Video

Blazer Aluminum: Lowest Price Per Round

Blazer Aluminum has at least two different packaging setups. As far as we can tell they are the same product.

Blazer Aluminum Test Video

Winchester White Box: Most Muzzle Energy

Sterling Brass: Softest Shooting

Sterling Ammunition Test Video

Fiocchi "9AP" Middle of the Road

Fiocchi "9AP" Test Video

PMC Bronze Middle of the Road


  • Prices vary wildly with time. Prices posted are as of the date this article was written. Check multiple site for shipping rates, sometimes an extra cent or two per round at another vendor saves you a lot in shipping.

  • Our testing is based on a small sample size. Ammunition is produced in mass quantities and quality can vary from lot to lot.

  • Testing was conducted using a Grand Power K100. Grand power pistols have exceptional barrel quality, and the K100's 4.25" barrel produces higher velocities than a shorter barrel will. Results will vary from pistol to pistol.

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