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Memorial Day Sales at Global Ordnance

Our favorite source for Arex and Grand Power is offering some deals this weekend we thought we should share with you. If I've figured things out yyou should be able to click the images for inventory and pricing.

The biggest one is on Arex pistols. We've reviewed the Delta M OR Gen 2 and Delta X Tactical. If you weren't aware these are modular pistols, so swapping grip size and color is possibel regardless of which model you pick up.

Also on sale is Sterling and Belom Ammunition which we've recently reviewed. The Sterling is decent stuff and Belom was great (consistent and clean) when we burned through a case at a training event.

Another deal going on is for Grand Power Stribogs offering a free suppressor with the purchase of an SP9A3 (the latest generation). If you're not sure about Stribogs see our guide.

We hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend, and as two war veterans we hope you take time to remember and honor our nation's fallen. Regardless of the political reasons behind the wars, and American life lost is worth honoring.

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