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Arex Delta X Tactical

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In 2021 we reviewed the Arex Delta Gen 2 M model and it left enough of an impression on us we took it to a training course with Sentinel Concepts. Our experience with other guns had shown us that when you change the frame size ergonomics can be different in unexpected ways, so in an effort to further explore than and get to know the Arex Delta line better we gave the Delta X Tactical model a try.

What Makes it an X? The "X"models combine the shorter slide of the "M" with the longer stock of the "L". You might think that makes for a mullet gun, but with the "Tactical" added on the sizing seems just right.

The Arex Delta X Tactical comes with all the optics plates you could need, four backstraps, and extended magazine release, extra recoil spring for suppressor use, and clever cleaning kit.

What Makes it "Tactical" This is perhaps the most abused term in the firearms industry. Loosely defined as, "relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific result", the word as it pertains to the Arex Delta X implies this is a versatile firearm that can be used for specific needs. As we see it, the "tactical" features of this pistol include:

  • Picatinny rail for the attachment of accessories

  • Threaded barrel for muzzle device use.

  • Taller sights to either remain use with a suppressor or possibly co-witness with a red dot.

  • Red-dot ready with hardware and adapter plates included

  • Flush fit and extended magazines included

  • The use of the "M" slide with a threaded barrel results in less weight than a longer slide, but retains the longer barrel and higher muzzle velocity that would come with that longer slide.

  • A chassis system that permits the user to change grip modules to different colors or sizes based on preference or need.

Take a look for yourself in our tabletop video below. As we've come to expect from Arex, the Delta X Tactical comes nicely equipped with above -average goodies.

The Arex Delta X Tactical feel different than your average "full size" pistol. Despite using an 18-round magazine and having a 4.6" barrel the pistol is light! Just 18.8oz without a magazine, 21.3oz with an empty magazine. That's 3.5 ounces LIGHTER than a Glock 17 which has a SHORTER barrel! This gives potential for increased felt recoil, but also makes for something much easier to carry around all day at a course or on duty.


Left-handers and serious shooters rejoice! The Arex Delta X Tactical is completely ambidextrous.

To try out the Arex Delta X Tactical we of course hit the range for our standard battery of experiences conducted by two shooters:

  • Cold Shots: Truly our first rounds through the gun. For Teya also her first time handling the gun.

  • Full Magazine +1: Not all guns perform well when "fully stuffed", adding challenge we attempt this with the included extended magazine to see if the springs are proper.

  • What's For Dinner™: A test to see what ammunition the gun will eat. We did this with the pre-installed recoil spring and did not try the increased-power recoil spring included for use with suppressors. Does the gun feed the round from slide lock, will it cycle and feed another round of the same type, does the slide lock to the rear on empty, and is there any notable point of impact change with different loads.

  • For this gun we used the following ammunition:

  • Sights & Trigger Control: on a 6" spinner target at a distance of 12 yards. We got this from Titan Great Outdoors and use it to gauge how learnable the trigger is and usable the sights are for forced, timed, precise shots.

  • Practical Accuracy: Five shots from a distance of seven yards at a one inch target. This isn't so much about printing a tight group as it is a culmination of our shooting experience and time for us to collect thoughts prior to making a conclusion.

  • After Shots: Final impressions from two shooters. We both have different interests, backgrounds, preferences, and approaches to shooting. We don't always agree, but that's why we present you with two opinions.

You can watch the process in the Shooting Impressions video below:

Ammunition seen in our Shooting Impressions video was made possible by our Patrons and supporters of our ammunition savings account through Ammo Squared. Additional, on-demand ammunition through True Shot Gun Club.

Of particular note was Teya's discovery that the large backstrap worked best for her. I bring this up because I think many people would assume that a full-size frame would already be big enough, if not too big for her M-glove-sized hands. That's not the case with every gun, and certainly wasn't the case here. It's worth trying the different backstraps to see what works best for you. The Arex Delta is a thin pistol, so trigger reach was not an issue for Teya, and the L backstrap added valuable real estate for more support-hand contact. It also fit my XXL-glove-sized hands nicely.

This experience confirmed what we had picked up form the Walther PDP reviews: when changing frame size you might as well treat it as a different pistol because handling will be different.

The balcked-out rear sight made the front sight easy to spot. A red striker indicator lets you know if the striker is armed or not.

You may be wondering is the Arex Delta X Tactical is worth the roughly $110 upcharge from a Delta M OR (optics Ready) or to be more fair, the $90 upcharge from a Delta X . That will come down to what you plan to do with the gun, or if you want to future-proof your use of the gun by making sure you've already got a threaded barrel and taller steel sights for use with a suppressor. Regardless of which Arex Delta model you go with, we've been impressed and enjoyed these guns. In my opinion the Delta X Tactical shot nicer than the Delta M thanks to it having a longer grip to hold on to. Then again if you've already got a Delta M you can just pick up the L grip module and magazines we mentioned earlier.

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Jacobo Abadi
Jacobo Abadi
Jan 21, 2023

There's a correction you must do.

Quote from your write up:

"Then again if you've already got a Delta M you can just pick up the L"

That's incorrect, if you have a Delta M, want a longer grip like the L, you have to get the X grip module, not the L. If you have a Delta M and get the L grip module you will have an overhang in the grip module because the slide in the L model is longer than the slide of the M model. The Delta M and X have the same slide . It's like the Glock 19 and 19X (G45)


Oh neat, does this image mean that the Gen 2 is finally available configured with a ODG frame instead of having to purchase one separately? Might finally be time to spring for a Delta L OR.

Graham Baates
Graham Baates
Jan 07, 2023
Replying to

Yes, you can get the Gen 2 with the ODG out of the box.


I have the gen 2 delta x non tactical model. Because of the thinness of it, it conceals better than most of my other handguns. I got an odg x grip module, holosun 407k green dot, & added suppressor height fiber optic front sight & blacked out rear. It takes Springfield xdm sights & will supposedly fit xdm holsters. Can't confirm xdm holster compatibility. It does fit in my dagger & most of my g19 light bearing holsters & my cz p07 non light bearing holster. I heard that cz p07 & p10c mags fit it. I can confirm they fit but since I have the x model, they aren't long enough to lock in.


Looks just like my CZ P-09 tactical with 21-round magazines. Sweet shooter also but too big to conceal for me

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