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Arex Delta M OR Gen 2

The Delta M Gen 2 from Arex promised to fix some of the ergonomic issues that owners complained about with the original. We didn't get the chance to handle the original aside from trade shows so while we can't attest to that, we can speak about the current model.

As seen in the tabletop video below the pistol is feature-rich and promises quite a value.

We had to wait what a couple weeks to get to the range and that time was killing me! It's not often another polymer-framed, striker-fired 15-round gun gets me excited but the Delta M just fit nicely in the hand, is so light, and so modern that I was anxious to try it out.


Our initial reaction was that recoil was very manageable for such a lightweight gun. Usually when weight is lost that translates to increased recoil felt in hand, but the Delta Gen 2's ergonomics and texture helped negate much of that. The pistol feel slightly snappier than others, but not in the wrist-jarring way some had described it. We turned the camera on and were excited to go through our normal battery of tests. That's when things got took a twist.

The pistol was almost awesome! The magazine catch and magazine I didn't catch (har har) are a serious concern. We did what any civilized gun owner would and sent the gun back for warranty repair (versus selling it to some unwilling victim). Global Ordnance had the pistol for a little over a week, has found the issue, and is sending us replacement magazines. We'll get back to the range soon with the repaired gun and give it another go.

We didn't run the Delta Gen 2 with an optic in the initial test as we don't think it's fair to the viewer or the gun to test with a third-party accessory. Now that we've proven it can function fine without, we'll likely be tossing a red dot on to see how that combo performs.

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