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Staying Warm Affordably

**This article contains affiliate links. These links cost you no more but do help support the channel and our ability to continue to produce content. We do NOT link a product that we haven't personally used and feel good about endorsing.**

Even in the summer I find that I better layer when heading to the range and the perfect option for me has been the LA Police Gear women's outerwear. With options to choose from that include water resistance, fleece and my favorite, which unfortunately is no longer available but can be seen above and also in the Oct/Nov 2020 issue of Combat Handguns Magazine, you're sure to find something that meets your range/outdoor needs. To date all items I've tried personally fit true to size (not glamor sized).

Something else that I appreciate is it doesn't cost an arm an a leg to have great looking comfortable range wear. Other brands I've tried have fallen short for me in that I don't want to wear it to the range if I'll be worried about getting gun goop on a $100 dollar jacket or pair of pants, that stimi check isn't for gear but guns, am I wrong?

My absolute favorite thing about shopping anywhere is of course the Clearance section and you will not be disappointed in what you can find through LA Police Gear, if you'll excuse me there is a great sale on 5.11 pants that I must take advantage of.

By the way, it was Graham that got me hooked on his secret to shopping for great gear at great prices.

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