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S&W Equalizer

image courtesy of Smith & Wesson

This post has been updated 14NOV22 with out Tabletop and Shooting Impressions video at the end of the original post.

Smith & Wesson announced a new pistol today (08NOV22). Below is the press release information as we haven't seen or handled one of these ourselves yet. I was curious why all of the sudden a couple models of S&W guns were on sale. Now it makes sense, because something new was coming.

From the looks of it, the S&W Equalizer appears to be a "micro compact" version of the EZ line, and we like the choice to go with a 3.6" barrel for adequate muzzle energy. If our Patrons want us to review one we'll see about getting one in for a full review.

Specifications from the product web page: (Note weight, size, and other information has not been released as of launch day, this tends to indicate the product doesn't not fully exist yet, however S&W already has "buy now" options on their site. I also advise you not pay attention to the product animation, it must be up there as a mistake as it implies that either Smith & Wesson has developed an entirely new action type OR the animation was created, approved, and published by someone who has no idea how a pistol works. I'm hoping it's a simple oversight.)

CAPACITY: 10+1, 13+1, AND 15+1


BARREL: 3.675”




Original press release from Smith & Wesson:

SPRINGFIELD, MA., (11/08/2022) - Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, introduces the all-new S&W® EQUALIZER™.

Level the playing field with our best-performing micro-compact to date. Next-gen EZ technology, low recoil impulse, and versatile magazine capacity all in a compact footprint, make the EQUALIZER™ an ultimate CCW. This 9MM offering provides the perfect balance of power and capacity across 10, 13, and 15-round magazines. The EQUALIZER™ features a single-action trigger that allows for a short take-up, clean break, and fast reset to make follow-up shots quicker. The slide operates using easy-to-rack technology to cater to a wide variety of needs and the frame includes a picatinny-style rail to mount lights or lasers for any defense scenario. A new optic cut pattern allows the user to mount their choice of sight for enhanced accuracy and the 3.675” barrel gives a longer sight radius for increased iron sight precision. The EQUALIZER™ also features a new grip texture and pattern designed to give you more control when firing and more comfort when carrying.

"The EQUALIZER™ is a total package micro-compact pistol. Its multi-purpose design allows for a variety of setup options for use at the range and/or for personal carry, while not compromising on firepower or comfort," said John Myles, Senior Manager of New Products.

Get the big performance you need in a small, versatile handgun. Smith & Wesson is proud to introduce the S&W® EQUALIZER™.

MSRP $599.00.

Check out the EQUALIZER at

Tabletop Video:

Shooting Impressions Video:

Ammunition seen in our Shooting Impressions video was made possible by our Patrons and supporters of our ammunition savings account through Ammo Squared. Additional, on-demand ammunition through True Shot Gun Club.

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