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Grand Power Updates from IWA Outdoor Classics 2024

The main entrance of the IWA Outdoor Classics
The main entrance of the IWA Outdoor Classics

Teya and I made our way to Nurnberg, Germany for our first attendance of a European arms show. These two shows run back to back and are meant for different audiences. Enforce Tac is intended for miliatry and law enforcement, but also shows some thigns which are civilian legal in the United States while IWA Outdoor Classics is aimed at European civilians in both the hunting and self-defense categories.

These shows are very "European" in that they are done with great professionalism, and unlike SHOT show are held with smaller booths focusing on the essentials rather than a contest of who can spend the most money on their booth. The crowd is thinner, and mostly serious professionals at a higher level, contrasting greatly to the seas of people that crowd SHOT. As a result the pace is slower, conversations more productive, and our overall impression and experience is much more positive.

I have some coverage of Enforce Tac which I will cover later. Unlike the SHOT show coverage, I opted to create not one, but several posts dedicating attention to a few of the companies we visited.

Meeting with Grand Power's founder, Jaroslav Karucina.
Meeting with Grand Power's founder, Jaroslav Karucina.

While enjoying a sit down with Grand Power we had James Reeves of TFB TV in the background. It can't be seen in this photo, and he did a great job of keeping it hidden in their video, but I made James pay for wearing a shirt with velcro by slapping a GBGuns patch on his arm mid video. The wooden slats serving as an open-air wall were perfect for walking by and slapping a patch on an unsuspecting James' exposed velcro sleeve.

Grand Power ARAQ47
Grand Power ARAQ47

Grand Power was of course one of our first stops and they had a few interesting models on display. The ARAQ47 is a short-stroke gas piston operated AR platform chambered in 7.62x39 and running on AK magazines. We are unlikely to see this model in the US as importation of foreign-made rifles can be quite the hassle, but this was an interesting rifle to see. The Bolt is AR-10 sized to provide propper suport and strength, but the rifle is sized closer to an AR15. The intended market for these rifles are places where 7.62x39 ammunition is plentiful, as well as AK-47 pattern magazines, and the short-stroke piston system means corrosive ammunution risks less damage to the firearm as a whole. While there are a few similarly-looking models on the US market, they tend to be direct impingement and so at best an AR that takes AK magazines. The ARAQ47 truly marries the best of both platforms, and improves beyond that with an adjustable short-stroke piston system. The barrel length is an interesting choice as it takes only 10" of 7.62x39mm to exceed the energy of a 16" 5.56mm. With a 16.25" barrel the ARAK47 will hit hard!

ARAK47 Specifications:

  • Caliber: 7.62×39mm

  • Overall length: 39.37"/35.53"

  • Barrel length:16,5″

  • Height w/o magazine: 7.64"

  • Width w/o charging handle: 3.07"

  • Weight w/o magazine: 7.55lbs

Description from the product page:

"The GP ARAQ47 is a short stroke piston operated select fire rifle chambered in worldwide popular 7.62×39 caliber combining advantages of AR/M4 modularity with power of AK47 rounds.

Based on AR15/M4 design, this select fire (fully automatic) rifle offers wide range of accessories and significant modularity options. Robust and reliable design made of top-quality materials, using most advanced technologies and state of the art tools. Popular classic features are accompanied by modern additions, such as free-floated handguard with M-LOK slots and accessory rails for accessories. Handguard can be removed without any tools. GRAND POWER proprietary grip offers maximum comfort and secure grip in any conditions. Multi-position collapsible stock offers length of pull adjustments.

GP ARAQ47 has adjustable gas block (no tools needed to perform adjustment) and is compatible with regular AK47/AKM pattern magazines and is equipped with case deflector, dust cover and forward assist. Version with ambidextrous controls is also available on demand.

Further accessories, such as suppressors, flash hiders etc are available upon request. All specifications are approximate and can be subject to change unless specified in contract or purchase order."

Grand Power LP24
Grand Power LP24

Grand Power also had a model on display that we had perviously only seen drawings of. The P24 and LP24 use the simpler Browning Action and striker-fired action to create a slimmer, lighter firearm (P24 weight is about 17oz.. These guns use Glock magazines and are only an inch wide. More details will be coming as the guns are finalized and IF they come to the US. The triggers felt excellent with that signature Grand Power weight and length that begs to be run quickly. These pistols are only about an inch wide for comfortable carry and easy concealment. As we've come to expect form Grand Power all controls are ambidextrous.

Grand Power P24
Grand Power P24

P24/LP24 Specfications:

  • Caliber: 9×19mm

  • Width: 1.2"/ 1.2"

  • Lenght: 7.22"/ 8.31"

  • Barrel length: 3.67"/ 4.76"

  • Height: 5.14"

  • Weight w/o magazine: 16.93oz / 21.87oz

  • Standard magazine capacity:17+1 (Glock 17 magazine pattern)

To see Grand Power's other pistols see our Grand Power Pistol Guide. The models seen in that guide are of the Mk12 generation and currently still available in the United States while we wait for the Mk23 generation to become available.

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Good evening G.behind on reading your articles,haven’t seen you on YT feed,catching up now. Never been to shot show.Haven’t been to Vagus. Never appealed to me. I will go eventually to see for myself,maybe.My oldest brother said he doesn’t like it & that I definitely wouldn’t. Still might go. Shot show seems like it would be too much. I DK. Might love it all.?. Your description of what & how they do things in Europe is more like it. Funny JR patch story.wondering how & when he realized it was there.He’s a smart guy and his sarcastic humor serves him well. Sitting near you 2 sipping a beer listening to gun specs would most likely begin to melt my brain…

Replying to

I've known Jaroslav for a several years and been out to visit Grand Power in Slovakia twice, that may be where the older picture was from. Because I spent more than seven years stationed in Germany, and traveled often for work and pleasure I'm familiar with a fair swath of central Europe.


I hope Grand Power will make a 15-round Glock 19-sized pistol and a smaller S&W Shield Plus-sized pistol for concealed carry. The only reason that companies come out with huge full-size guns is for law enforcement and military use. It would be great if they came out with the "family" of guns at the same time.

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