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Grand Power and Arex Deals!

It's no secret we're BIG fans of Grand Power and Arex guns. Many viewers have been curious, but afraid to buy one until they could handle one. Seeing one in a local shop remains unlikely, but importer Global Ordnance is offering a heck of a deal to make the "chance" of buying one online a lot more enticing. I don't know how long these prices will last, but they're a heck of a deal that warrant a closer look.

These are incredible deals, the lowest prices I've ever seen on a Grand Power, and all four are great options. If you need a quick reference for the models see our Grand Power Guide.

Here's one for the Arex fans (and fans-to-be). We had the honor of having the first US video about the Zero 1, this Tactical model includes suppressor-height sights, a threaded barrel, and is optics ready. The Delta Gen 2 M is a great pistol that we've taken through training courses. I see this combo as a Tactical/training/house gun (the Zero1) and a training/carry gun (Delta Gen 2).

Take it from an Oregon resident, you can never have enough magazines. We're fortunate to have a good pile of magazines to last us long into the future. Remember that magazines are a wear item. No matter how good they are they will eventually wear out. Here's an affordable chance to have some extras.

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