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Arex Delta Gen 2 Deals

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We do our best to not spam you with random sales and links; limiting what we link only to that which we've reviewed and would recommend to a friend. Today that means some great prices on Arex Delta Gen 2 models.

We've reviewed both a Delta M Optics Ready and Delta X Tactical model and enjoyed both of them. We had initial issues with a stick magazine release on the M, but importer Global Ordnance was quick to fix it for us under warranty. Since then the gun has been great and the L model we later has had no issues.

If you're unfamiliar with the Arex Delta check out our reviews. It's a modular pistol (akin to the Sig P320, meaning you can swap grip modules), known for working in Glock-pattern holsters of similar size, being very lightweight, and haveing a double-action striker system that doesn't feel like a double-action pull, but offers all the enhanced safety benefits of the striker NOT awaiting release.

If you don't see the exact color/size combo you're after, fear not. You can get the grip for $51.99 and swap it out after, leaving you with two different options. Grip modules can be found here.

Our Friends at 12 Spies have an excellent video on how to swap grip modules:

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That's a good price. Not much more than I give for the gen 2 delta x non tactical I just bought. I really like the gen 2 delta x. It's not as snappy as I was expecting & it conceals real good. I was also surprised how accurately I shot it when I took it to the range for the first time. After over 400 rds in 3 range trips, it has performed flawlessly.


I know your sick of hearing from me, but I do speak for 25% of the country, that have 10 round limits, NO 10 round mag options on any of the 16 SKU's they sell. HOW are these companys ok with getting NO sales from these states? Really, how hard is it to offer 10 round mags ????


RBMD2020 2A
RBMD2020 2A

This is a very good deal. I recently purchased the Arex Delta M Gen 2 tactical. Grand Power’s price is higher for that model, but the base model price is excellent.

The feel of the contour of the trigger is a little different, but it is a great gun. I have not tried it suppressed yet.

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