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An Affordable Rifle Bag

*This post contains and affiliate link that costs you no more, but helps support our ability to continue creating content. We do NOT post links for products we haven't tested and wouldn't recommend to a friend.

It seems like for as many rifle companies are out there just as many rifle-bag makers exist. We've tested a few, not always on camera, but certainly off camera in our weekly trips to ranges and traveling to training events. One my my personal pet peeves has been how much some of the bags cost for what is essentially some cloth sewn overseas with a zipper here and a feature there. For those looking for something simple, yet function we tried out a bag by LA Police Gear.

Like most other bags its made overseas, but unlike most other bags it's not priced as if your grandma made it. The 36" Rifle bag from LA Police Gear doesn't pretend to be anything fancy, but it does store, transport, and protect your rifle through most of any shooter's basic needs. Does it have the most padding? No, Can it double as a mobile power station? No, but will it get your rifle to and from the range without costing a spousal argument? Yes.

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