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A New Holster Company Worth a Look

We often are contacted by holster makers wanting a video about their holsters. I appreciate a quality holster as much as anyone, but tend to shy away from these offers as they all want to be labeled "the best".

Anyone who carries knows there is no universally "best" holster. What you carry, where you carry it, your body type, your comfort threshold, your clothing style, and the gun you're trying to add to that mix can all make one holster better or worse than another, but for you specifically. Even changing guns can mean that your favorite holster make and model for the old gun is no longer the best choice for the new gun. It's a headache.

When the folks from Warcat Tactical contacted us it happened to coincide with an assignment I have based on the Sig P365XL. That combined with some other details made me say yes.

This is not your standard guy-in-a-garage kydex holster. Lighter, stronger, and more resilient. Additionally the build quality as you'll see in the video shows attention to detail beyond what many big brands are doing. The first thing that stood out to me with the Warcat Tactical holsters were the lack of sharp or rough edges. Another key point was clear access to the gun all the way to the base of the trigger guard; essential for a good grip and resulting draw.

All of that for an introductory price of $17.76 makes it pretty hard to say no to. (YES, this is US made)

Current listings are limited, but from what I've seen so far I'm impressed. Adding a bit of intrigue is the fact that Warcat Tactical intends to offer more than just holsters in the future. They certainly have the molding capabilities to create some neat stuff. I wonder what it will be.

Unfortunately the holsters arrived just after we left for a 2,000 mile road trip and several days on the range that would have made for an accelerated review of how the holsters hold up. We'll get to the range with these holsters never the less, and as stated in the video you can expect more coverage of both the holster and the Sig P365XL as it jockeys to replace the Diamondback AM2 as my lightweight carry choice. In the mean time you can check out what Warcat Tactical has to offer here (not an affiliate link)

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