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Graham Baates
Sep 05, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Every once in a while we find a budget gun that really impresses us. From formerly a Bear Creek rifle that outshoots brand names three times the price, to the Turkish copy of an expired-patent pistol that includes upgrades the original maker never incorporated. I prefer the term, "budget" over, "cheap". To me "cheap" implies low quality and not always low price. "Budget," on the other hand is something sold at a target price point. Before S&W got greedy and (or coincidentally every retailer?) jumped the price of the SD9 series 40% from $249 to $349 to take advantage of panic buyers I would have considered the SD9 to be a budget/value gun. But is it a particular price range that makes something, "budget"? How about high-value guns like the Canik pistols inspired by Walther? The TP9 series have always been priced lower than their German inspirations and been great guns. What's your favorite "budget" gun? We've seen enough of them to create an entire playlist of "Affordable Options" that are either priced lower, or yield more proverbial bang per buck than the competition. With over 200 videos in this playlist we'd like to know which were your favorites and which we haven't reviewed yet.
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Graham Baates
Jul 13, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
We started this discussion on the YouTube community page, but it got so big we made a video with our answer and seems like a good discussion point here. Be respectful of other's answers, we all have our reasons (from many factors) as to why we have what we have. Please share what your choice is an why. What factors played a role in your decision? Housing style, family or not, neighbors, training, etc. Our answer of course is in the video.
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Graham Baates
Jul 12, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Who Are you? How long have you been with us? Which state or country? We're in Oregon, USA, a little about us is below: Graham is Army veteran of 15 years and two wars, former competitive shooter defensive shooting instructor. Now working in the industry "Graham" has writen for,, and and augmented those articles with videos. Graham now writes for Ballistic, Tactical Life, Combat Handguns, and Personal Defense World magazines and websites. Non-military training includes CENTER-T (AK and pistol), Front Sight (rifle and pistol), and ITTS (pistol). Teya is also an Army combat veteran (Combat Medic in Iraq), mother, and takes self defense seriously. In the Army she was trained as an armorer with a variety of firearms. Non-military training includes CENTER-T (AK and Pistol) and Front Sight (pistol). "I've always enjoyed shooting and appreciated the design of firearms, but not to the extent I do now. Being part of GBGuns reignited those interests for me and I continue to learn more everyday. It is my absolute privilege to be part of GBGuns and I am excited to see what we'll bring you next."

Graham Baates

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