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Dave M
Jul 30, 2021
Hi All I've only been a gun owner since March of this year. Like many new owners, my motivation was the rioting that took place last year, some of which was very close to home. I live in a northern suburb of Chicago, about 9 miles from the Wisconsin state line. Kenosha, WI, home to some of the worst rioting last summer, is a 25 minute drive from our house. We have family in Kenosha and have shopped and dined at some of the very businesses that were destroyed last year. It is very sobering to see businesses in your own town pre-emptively boarding up their windows, and to see friends and neighbors rushing to the grocery store to stock up before looting might occur. I felt very powerless to protect my family and knew the time was now to exercise my 2nd amendment right. Illinois is a VERY blue state, so securing a Firearm Owner's ID card (FOID) took almost nine months, even though by statute it is only supposed to take 35 days. One benefit of this delay was that it allowed me to do quite a bit of research on what I wanted to buy. Of course, almost every gun owner I spoke to said to buy a Glock, but I wanted to get something different. If I was going to take the steps necessary to buy a gun, I didn't want it to just be an appliance. (No offense, Glock fans!) Out of sheer boredom one day, I randomly clicked on an link for a Stribog on the Gun Broker web site. From there, I searched Grand Power on You Tube and came across Graham's "Wonderfully Different" series of videos. Having never owned a gun and never even picked up a Grand Power, I ordered a P1 Ultra online less than a week after my FOID card was finally issued. I'm officially a Grand Power Fanboy now!! 😀 Graham - Your low-key and fact-based reviews are really appreciated. It's been great seeing Teya get more comfortable in her appearances as your video library has grown. Congratulations on the new venture!

Dave M

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