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World's First: Lucid Optics Releases New Reflex Sight

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Image courtesy of Lucid Optics
Image courtesy of Lucid Optics

We've been a fan of Lucid Optics' incredible glass and smart reticle designs for years, and now they've changed the way the world see reflex sights literally. Below is the press release as we don't have any hands-on experience with the new sight yet. At the bottom will be a link to see it on Lucid Optic's website. The new E7 uses the same M5 reticle we've come to love in the original M7

E7 image courtesy of Lucid Optics
E7 image courtesy of Lucid Optics

The E5 reticle is great for drawing the eye to the aiming point.
The E5 reticle is great for drawing the eye to the aiming point.

"Lucid Optics Revolutionizes Aiming Science with the New E7 Reflex Sight Featuring Blue Reticle

(Wyoming) - Lucid Optics, a pioneer in cutting-edge optics technology, is proud to announce the launch of the E7 reflex sight with an innovative Blue Reticle. Staying true to our philosophy that "Overkill is Underrated," the E7 takes durability and versatility to unprecedented heights, catering to both pistol and carbine applications. The E7 will feature the worlds first reflex sight to employ an aiming point in BLUE. There is a Lot of science behind the use of blue as an aiming point. For more information on Why “BLUE” Please reach out to Lucid Optics Directly. What Makes the Blue Reticle so Special? • Blue is the fastest transmitted color in the spectrum. • The Human eye is more sensitive to the blue wavelengths than any other in the spectrum. • Blue illumination presents a clean edge reticle • Blue is the most easily refracted wavelength by the human eye • Blue Creates a “Circadian” rhythm, calming the human mind. • Exposure to blue light considerably reduces stress levels. • Less than .02% of people have a color blindness to Blue. • Blue, as an illuminated aiming point, can be reduced in brightness level allowing the reticle to be “Seen Through” providing a more positive target identification. As with all things Lucid Optics brings to the market, the E7 is Engineered to withstand the rigorous forces generated by most any firearm platform it is suited for. The E7 showcases the ACRO mounting system, offering unmatched adaptability across various platforms. This groundbreaking design opens up a world of possibilities for shooters seeking uncompromising performance. "The E7 has undergone rigorous testing to prove its mettle in the face of punishing vibrations and extreme temperatures, characteristic of intense usage scenarios," says Jason Wilson, President of Lucid Optics. "Equipped with a high-efficiency LED emitter, it features a razor-sharp M5 Reticle, proven to provide a 30% faster target acquisition compared to conventional dot sights of any color." The E7 is equally at ease as a primary optic on handguns and seamlessly transitions to defensive carbines and shotguns. Its compact size and exceptional versatility make it the perfect backup sight for magnified scopes and thermal imagers. With its vision compatibility, the E7 thrives in the most challenging environments, ensuring you never miss a beat. One of the key advantages of Lucid Optics reflex sights is their operational parallax-free design. Regardless of the angle of your eye in relation to the field of view, the reticle always remains precisely on target, ensuring pinpoint accuracy with every shot. The Lucid Optics E7 with Blue Reticle is set to redefine shooting precision and versatility in the world of optics. The Lucid Optics E7 has an MSRP of $299.99

About Lucid Optics:

Lucid Optics is a Wyoming based optics and firearms accessory manufacturer that strives to offer a balance between ultimate performance quality and cost affordable products. From our flag ship HD7 to our outstanding line of riflescopes, Lucid trains and listens to the experts in the field to design and develop some of the most trusted optics in the industry. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Lucid Optics is the leader in quality affordable optics solutions. To learn more and see the full lineup of LUCID Optics products, visit

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Blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm, what are they smoking? And I thought green was the color our eyes were most reactive to?

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