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Walther PDP Pro-E Announced

Walther PDP Pro-E Image courtesy of Walther
Walther PDP Pro-E Image courtesy of Walther

*all images courtest of Walther

Walther has announced a new model of the PDP, the PDP Pro-E. From what I can gather from the press release this new model sits between a standard PDP and a PDP Pro. These models are available in 4" and 4.5" barrel lengths.

Walther PDP Pro-E Image courtesy of Walther
Walther PDP Pro-E Image courtesy of Walther

Pricing was not in the initial news I saw, but I imagine the pricing will be between thsoe two models and personalyl see this is a smart in-between model that offers some enhancements while not pushing the gun too far into the competition world; an enhanced carry gun. A major notable feature is the use of polymer for the trigger and magazine baseplates. Those who spend a lot of time shooting know that metal triggers can get hot and that metal baseplates, while great for speed, also reduce the safety feature of a magazine blowing out to relieve pressure should some sort of catastrophic failure happen.

Walther PDP Pro-E Image courtesy of Walther
Walther PDP Pro-E Image courtesy of Walther

With those features combined I see the new PDP Pro E as an enthusiast-level pistol that can serve for both carry and realistic competition. The original press release from Walther is below.

"Walther’s PDP Pro-E: Bridging the Gap Between Standard PDP and PDP Pro Models

FORT SMITH, Ark. (June 27, 2024) – Walther Arms, Inc. is excited to release the Walther PDP Pro-E, a unique, hybrid model that bridges the gap between the standard PDP and PDP Pro models. The PDP Pro-E is a firearm that combines precision, handling, and adaptability in a single package.

"With the PDP Pro-E, we've successfully bridged the gap in performance between our standard PDP and the high-performance PDP Pro SD. It's a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and providing the ultimate shooting experience,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development for Walther Arms, Inc. “This firearm represents a new era of precision, customization, and performance that brings

enthusiasts and professionals closer to the pinnacle of handgun technology. At Walther, we're dedicated to closing the performance divide, and the Pro-E is a shining example of this mission."

Increased handling, accuracy, and control are at the forefront of the PDP Pro-E to provide shooters with a well-rounded firearm. The shooting experience is elevated through a secure grip to ensure safe and efficient weapon handling, increased magazine capacity to spend more time firing and less time reloading, and customizable options for preferred optic installation.

Featured capabilities of the PDP Pro-E:

 Polymer Flat Faced Trigger: Featuring a polymer trigger-shoe for a consistent and crisp break with

every pull, enhancing accuracy and control for precise shot placement.

 Aluminum Magwell and Polymer Mag Extensions: Providing enhanced handling and speed with

extra ammunition capacity, ensuring smooth magazine changes for swift and efficient reloading.

 Performance Duty Texture: Offering a secure and comfortable grip, regardless of the elements or

challenging conditions.

 Optics Ready: Seamlessly integrating a preferred optic for enhanced accuracy and target acquisition

adapts to your needs easily.

Elevate your shooting skills and experience the difference of a firearm designed for those who demand


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