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Walther PDP Match Polymer

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Walther PDP Match Polymer
Walther PDP Match Polymer

With Walther's evolution of the classic PPQ line to the modern PDP line (see our PDP guide HERE), it was only natural that after the main carry and duty models were updated, the competition models would follow. Recently Walther announced the new PDP Match in both polymer and steel frames.

Yes, the PDP Match slide cuts follow the PDP's styling, but go all the way through.
Yes, the PDP Match slide cuts follow the PDP's styling, but go all the way through.

What Is It? The PDP Match is a competition-ready model akin to the Q5 Match from the PPQ, but with some extra perks for this generation. A 5" barrel equates to more energy on target, a slower recoil impulse, and longer sight radius for those who prefer iron sights. These are also built on the the full-size PDP frame which permits for 18-round magazines versus the 15-round magazines with extensions used in the previous generation. To see what makes the PDP Match Polymer different see the video below.

The upgardes over a regular PDP, and from the Q5 Match era include a magwell, lightened slide, optics readiness, and perhaps the biggest perk is in the inclusion of Walther's Dynamic Performance Trigger. This trigger is the closest to a crisp hammer-fired trigger I've ever felt in a striker-fired gun. It made the list of best striker-fired triggers for good reason!

PDP Match pistols feature Walther's awesome Dynamic Performance Trigger
PDP Match pistols feature Walther's awesome Dynamic Performance Trigger

What Does the PDP Match Polymer look and feel like? To me it has an air of serious professionalism. Take a look at it for yourself, as well as what comes in the box in the tabletop video below.


MODEL: 2872595






HEIGHT: 5.7″

BARREL LENGTH: 5″ 1/9 Twist




TRIGGER: Dynamic Performance Trigger



MSRP: $1099.00

Prices around the web (as of 30DEC23, check links for current pricing)

The generous magwell of the PDP Match
The generous magwell of the PDP Match

To get to know the PDP Match in a fair and balanced manner the standard GBGuns range protocol was followed as has been done to hundreds of other pistol models. This protocol ensures any reviewer bias (positive or negative) is limited to commentary as the firearm does most of the talking. With such a library of guns reviewed this also makes it easy for you to compare performance and commentary against most other models.

  • Cold Shots: Truly our first rounds through the gun, on camera, with first thoughts shared.

  • Full Mag +1: Not all guns are happy at full capacity. This is a combination of pistol design, magazine design, and ammunition used. Unloading the pistol rapidly helps me get a feel for recoil and trigger control.

  • What's For Dinner™: A test to see what ammunition the gun will eat. Does the gun feed the round from slide lock, will it cycle and feed another round of the same type, does the slide lock to the rear on empty, and is there any notable point of impact change with different loads.

For this gun following ammunition was used:

90gr 1776 USA Lead-Free Sporting $14.79 / 50 at GrabaGun 

95gr Magtech JSP

100gr Hornady Critical Defense Lite $23.89 / 20 at Global Ordnance 

100gr S&B Non-Tox

115gr Blazer Aluminum Case $17.59 / 50 at Optics Planet 

138gr Federal Syntech Defense $33.99 / 50 at TargetSportsUSA

147gr Speer Lawman TMJ

147gr Federal Syntech Training Match $19.76 / 50 at Global Ordnance 

147gr Federal HST $38.99 / 20 at Optics Planet

158gr PPU Subsonic FMJ $25.70 / 50 at Global Ordnance

  • Sights & Trigger Control: on a 6" spinner target at a distance of 12 yards. We got this from Titan Great Outdoors and use it to gauge how learnable the trigger is and usable the sights are for forced, timed, precise shots.

  • Practical Accuracy: Five shots from a distance of seven yards at a one inch target. This isn't so much about printing a tight group as it is a culmination of the shooting experience and time to collect thoughts prior to making a conclusion.

  • After Shots: Final impressions and reflections from the range session.

You can watch the process from first shots to comparison in the Shooting Impressions video below:

After more than 60 Walther videos, I was expecting greatness and was not let down. I had just shot the PDP Match Steel Frame prior to shooting the polymer frame and quickly realized I needed to particpate a bit more with the lighter pistol. Once I did that and shot the gun like someone who knows how to shoot I was quickly rewarded with a spectacular experience. In fact, in some ways I enjoyed the polymer model more that day because it felt more like shooting. I'm sure that sounds strange, but because the steel-frame model was so easy to shoot, the polymer frame was more fun to shoot.

Why Offer Polymer and Steel? In my experience, the heavier guns are softer to shoot and tend to rest more in hand. They can be slower to transition between targets, but steadier while settling on target. Lighter pistols are easier to whip from target to target which the risk of not settling as quickly. Both ends can of course be compensated for with training and experience, but it seems to me that if smaller and farther targets are your game, a heavier pistol will benefit you. If targets are larger/closer then the lighter pistol will get you there quicker.

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Hi Graham & Teya. I wanted to thank you for your in-depth review of the Walther PDP Match, both the article write-up and the videos. I will preface by saying that I am a beginner. I have been to the range before with my friend and shot his pistols, but just recently decided to get my own FID and pistol permits. So this was my first purchase. I did extensive research for my first firearm, including the all the recommending 9mm for beginners, but ultimately decided on the Walther. And although I have shot before, I wanted my first purchase to be something slightly above an "beginner/entry level" pistol. I was unable to find a dealer that had …

Replying to

Thank you so much Graham! I am enjoying my PDP Match very much. I have been getting in rounds at the range and am really enjoying learning. I wanted to start off with range ammo, but now would like to get some rounds for home defense, and given that the PDP Match is marketed as a competition gun, I thought to myself, can the PDP Match even take Hollow Points? (stupid question I suppose, but I am still learning). I returned to your review and the "What's For Dinner Section" not only answered my question, but provided me with some recommendations. You really thought of everything! Thank you again!

I will certainly be utilizing your site more, especially as I…

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