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Tisas USA PX-9 Gen 3 Tactical TH

We really enjoyed and were impressed by the Gen 3 PX-9 from Tisas USA when we reviewed the "Duty" model here. When we learned of a longer-slide, longer-barreled version we couldn't help but jump on it, especially at the low prices these are available for. (More on that later)

The Tisas Px-9 Tactical TH comes ready for just about any need.

  • Optics ready (RMR cut)

  • Threaded Barrel

  • Fiber-Optic front sight

  • Included flared magazine well

  • 27 different possible grip configurations

  • Holster included

  • Spare fiber-optic tubes included

  • Bore brush and cleaning rod included.

  • 1x 18rd, 1x20rd MecGar Magazines

  • Minimalist holster included.

  • Magazine loader included (but we found it not needed as even the 20rd MecGar magazine was easy to load.

Fiber-optic front sight, plenty of rail space, and textured memory points.

A tabletop look at fit, finish, features, and what the trigger is like can be seen in our Tabletop Video:

Specifications aren't listed on the Tisas USA website, and Tisas in Turkey doesn't list this model at all. Fortunately they're in the owner's manual so we've converted them from metric for you:

  • Caliber: 9mm

  • Magazine Capacity: 18 or 20

  • Barrel Length: 5.1"

  • Length: 8.37"

  • Weight: 29.98oz


This model and others from $389 at GrabaGun

From $409 at

The PX-9's three different backstrap options really do change hand fitment and there are three options for each of two side panels.

Loving our Duty model, we had high hopes for the Tactical TH model as the longer slide makes for a longer sight radius and easier aiming, and a longer barrel for increased muzzle velocity and energy on target. We of course subjected the gun to the basic battery of GBGuns experiences including:

  • Our absolute first shots through the gun (and any commentary) caught on camera.

  • Full Magazine +1 to test both gun and magazine function

  • Our trademarked What's For Dinner™ load compatibility experiment.

  • Sights & Trigger Control experiment using a small, moving target

  • Practical Accuracy on a 1" target from 7 yards

  • The concluding thoughts and impressions from two shooters.

This can all be seen in out Shooting Impressions video below.

Ammunition Included in This Video, Pricing at time of writing, and Where to Find:

  1. 65gr Liberty Ammunition Civil Trainer: $25.99/50

  2. 90gr Winchester Super Clean: $24.99/50

  3. 100gr Sinterfire NXG: $17.79/50

  4. 115gr Winchester SilverTip: $15.79/20

  5. 115gr Blazer Aluminum Case: $14.99/50

  6. 115gr Wolf Steel Case: $15.99/50

  7. 124gr Sierra Outdoor Master: $9.99/20

  8. 135gr Hornady Critical Duty: $24.99/25

  9. 147gr Remington HTP: $15.19/20

  10. 165gr Ammo, Inc /stelTH/: $21.75/50

  11. Nosler 115gr ASP From $22.99/50

  12. 115gr Blazer Brass: $14.49/50

Ammunition seen in our Shooting Impressions video was made possible by our Patrons and supporters of our ammunition savings account through Ammo Squared. Additional, on-demand ammunition through True Shot Gun Club.

Of three firearms we filmed that day, the Tisas PX-9 Gen 3 Tactical TH was by far the least expensive, but was also the only one to make it through without a single malfunction. It's our belief that these guns are the next import to take off. While they're available as such low prices we recommend picking one up. Over the years we've seen other imports start off at low prices to gain market share, then go up substantially in price once they're established. It wouldn't surprise us if today's $350-$450 Tisas PX-9s won't be $500-$600 in a couple of years (regardless of inflation).

We had one minor imperfection in our sample, One of the side pannels had a bit of molding flashing left over form construction as seen in the photo below. This is nothing more than an inconvenience and is easily shaved flush with a sharp blade or ground down with sandpaper.

The side panel on the right still has a bit of flashing on it. Should you encounter such a thing just knock it off with a sharp knife or sandpaper.

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