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Tisas Zigana PX-9 Gen 3 Duty

Last September we reviewed the PX-9 G2 imported by SDS Imports. We didn't know at the time that the Gen 3 was soon to his US shores. The G2 was a good pistol, very reminiscent of the Croatian HS2000 imported to the US by Springfield Armory as the XD series. The Gen 3 steps away from some of those features and aesthetics to become it's own pistol.

Major upgrades include a new trigger and elimination of external safeties (grip and manual on the G2). Beyond that, the front sight is now fiber-optic, the slide has been reshaped, and an optics cut has been integrated into the slide. The PX-9 Gen 3 has so much change, I wonder if it wasn't a participant, or inspired by Turkey's Indigenous Handgun competition. You can see many of the changes in the tabletop video.

The PX-9 also comes with a healthy package in the newly-designed case.

As you can see the kit includes two magazines, (one standard, one with a +2 baseplate), a speed loader, three backstraps, three different side panels for each side, a minimalist holster with a steel clip, magazine well, hardware, combination punch and driver, polymer cleaning rod, and a bore brush. Toss in a box of carry ammo and you've got yourself a complete setup.

Description from the importer's website:

- ODG Polymer Frame w/ Integrated M1913 Rail

- Hammer Forged Barrel

- CNC Machined Slide with Forward & Rear Serrations, Olive Drab Cerakote® Finish

- RMR Cut Slide for Mounting Optics

- Customizable Grip w/ Interchangeable Side Panels & Backstrap, Offering 27 Grip Configurations

- Includes one each 20rd and 18rd. Standard Capacity Magazines, w/ Loader (SIG® 226 Pattern)

- Fixed Rear Sight w/ Fiber Optic Front (Glock® 9/40) Cut)

- Removable Flared Magazine Well Adapter

- IWB Holster Included

For current prices try these links for new or used Tisas Zigana PX-9 pistols, just make sure you're getting a Gen 3 if you're interested in the pistol reviewed here. If you're unable to find one, have your dealer use the link to the importer's website, they can order one for you there. At the time this was written, the MSRP is $499.95 and some online listings have the pistol for around $350, so expect pricing in that window.

Lowest prices across the web HERE.

We were eager to get to the range with the new Gen 3 PX-9, but had to wait thanks to a winter storm. Watch the experience from out of the box to final conclusion in our Shooting Impressions video.

There were some initial struggles with soft 115gr range ammo. I don't know if that's the result of the pistol's heavy spring (feels more like it was built for 124gr NATO) or maybe just the cerakote being a little thick. If you're not familiar with 9mm NATO, it's what the military and several other countries use. Not only is the projectile heavier (124gr vs 115gr) than common American range fodder, but the pressure specifications are about 10% higher than American 115gr ammunition. That puts 124gr NATO closer in pressure and energy to what we in the US refer to as, "+p". When guns are built for 124gr NATO they tend to have a heavier recoil spring and as a result sometimes either won't cycle or don't travel enough to lock the slide open. Early Canik imports, the first batch of Grand Power Stribog A3 models, and other guns produced overseas have had these challenges accepting the softer ammunition we Americans use on the range.

We got past this by using some ZQI ammunition. Thought not labeled as "NATO", this load has a 124gr projectile and uses nickel-plated steel cases. It certainly recoils like a NATO load and the nickel plating helped ensure smooth extraction. As it would apply to you, I think a box of 124gr NATO or similar would help a lot with break in of the Zigana PX-9 Gen 3.

Our concluding thoughts put the Tisas Zigana PX-9 Gen 3 Duty as a high-value option. The pistol is feature-packed and comes with a very complete kit. You may not find a pile of accessories in the aftermarket, but I don't think they're needed. At $350 this pistol is a steal, $500 is still reasonable, but in that price range there's a lot of competition against more popular brands. Those other brands are unlikely to provide you the same kit in the box, so the PX-9 Gen 3 still gets a win.

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