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Graham strives to keep the content of the channel strictly gun related but we still have a life off camera and while we don't pretend to be health nuts or gym rats we do maintain awareness of what we put in our bodies. Often times we need a "pick me up" before filming to ensure we've got energy and charisma for the camera. It's a lot tougher than you might think to not only shoot well on camera, but do everything in one take as we typically do on GBGuns. Sometimes we grab an energy drink for a boost, and those boosts can be great, but can result in being jittery, and the eventual energy crash which has actually ended a range session or two when it's just not worth the ammo to try and press on.

Not long ago we were approached by a company we had never heard of before called 4D Life. They offered us an affiliate deal (if you purchase, save 25% on 25-packs for yourself with coupon "GBGuns25", and we make a small percentage). We're new to this whole affiliate thing and refuse to blanketly recommend something we haven't tried ourselves. We offered to try a couple packs and get back to them. After trying all four flavors, drinking instead of coffee, before the range, or as a mid-day pickup we went back to 4D Life and agreed.

What Is It? 4D Life is a supplement of sorts. It doesn't replace a traditional pre-workout, vitamin pack, or energy drink but does offer a little bit from all of the above, so rather than just plain water to take your supplements with you can have a tasty beverage that adds just a little more boost.

What's 4D Life Got? Everyone has their particulars that they want a certain amount of so we'll just post a picture of the nutrition facts and let you decide for yourself.

As you can see it's not an over load of anything, maybe a little heavy on the B12, but most energizing drinks are. The packets come out (without coupon, and at time of writing) to about $1.60 per serving. That's less than an energy drink, so what do we think?

What We Like Graham is a fan of the Peach Tea and Raspberry Lemonade flavor, I like them all equally flavor-wise. There is a definite pep as we find ourselves feeling better about half way through a serving, just a little boost that shakes off sleepiness or fatigue. Graham tends to crash after Monsters, but doesn't with 4D Life. I appreciates that it compliments a well-balanced diet nicely. Unfortunately in today's world our food sources typically don't have the same nutritional values they once did so adding a simple tasty beverage daily is a nice reassurance. I've also added this to my post workout vanilla protein powder just to change things up a bit and it's rather delightful.

What We Don't Like For our taste 16oz is not quite enough water, we typically go with 20oz . The flavor can be a bit intense and while it's not tough to get everything mixed in, like other supplement powders you can expect some residue left over at the end of a beverage. Those who have had supplements before are used to this, typically only the fanciest of stuff dissolves all the way.

Is it For You? If you'd like something with more bark than water, but without the jitters or crash of an energy drink or the sugar of a soda 4D Life might be the way to go. You get a boost of energy, essential vitamins along with a conservative serving of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). For less than the cost of an energy drink you can try it out. When you do please let us know your thoughts.

About the Coupon If you'd like to support us and try out 4D Life yourself, we've been informed the coupon only works on the 25-packs. The subscriptions and sampler packs are already at a reduced price, so the single-flavor 25-packs are the only place our coupon works. Sorry about that. We recommend starting with a sampler pack first to figure out which flavor you like first.

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Teya the coupon you guys have only works if you buy the $40 worth of drinks. Sorry, I tried to order two of the sample packs, but it said that your discount code wasn't applicable to my order.

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