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Sig P320 Grip Modules: X-Compact Vs Icarus Precision Vs Wilson Combat

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Taking advantage of the Sig P320's modularity, we wanted to try three different alternative grip modules against one another. We previously reviewed the P320 X-Compact, had several viewers comment about trying out a module from Wilson Combat, and of course have had great experiences with Icarus Precision.

Without tools, and in less than a minute you can change the way the gun fits your hand, weight balance, and appearance. The ability to swap grip modules lets you tailor the P320 to your taste, need, and application, or even have the same firearm handle differently, for example if you want to use it for carry and competition. For a close look at the three we tried see the tabletop video below:

The Sig X-Compact module is what came with our P320 X-Compact, but of course is available as an aftermarket option t either change the size of your P320 or simply to swap the shape of the grip of your existing P320 Compact. Despite the rather simplistic appearance both Teya and I found it to be very comfortable when we originally reviewed the complete X-Compact model. They are available in "large" and "small" sizes, and in a variety of colors. The advantage with getting one made by Sig is reduced cost.

The Wilson Combat module is one that many viewers had commented about. As seen in the video above there is a lot more sculpting and the added benefit of included tungsten rods to add weight to the grip. It's a sharp-looking module with contours that you may find work perfectly or not at all. Despite carrying the Wilson Combat name, these are a reasonably-priced change that you may find worth experimenting with.

Icarus Precision takes things to the next level. These aren't plastics squirted into molds, Icarus Precision grip modules are machined from a solid block of aluminum. As a result they have a more solid feel, offer a little more recoil-absorbing weight, and can feature shapes and contours not seen in plastic models. To get a better feel for this metal art see our video from visiting the factory. Of course this process is much more time intensive and costs more to produce, as a result you can expect higher prices. for us the double-undercut trigger guard makes a world of a difference.

It appears that Icarus has discontinued the model we tested, you can keep a look out for new options likely around $320 direct from Icarus Precision .

Numerous options (365 too) starting at $320 at Primary Arms

So how does one go about determining which is best? In attempt to determine this Teya and I hit the range to run two simple tests: control the firearm at speed, and control for accuracy. We each fired ten shots at a reduced-size torso target from 25 yards attempting to fire as rapidly as we could while also being confident of hitting the target with each grip module. We then shot groups from seven yards with each module.

The thought behind this format was:

  • When firing at speed the most natural hand fit will provide the most control.

  • Factors like grip friction and trigger finger reach will be amplified by speed and distance.

  • When grouping in slow fire recoil control will be more visible on video.

  • When grouping in slow fire ease of proper trigger finger placement is a factor.

How'd it go? Watch it for yourself and let us know which one you think worked best. The testing wasn't perfect, but certainly was enlightening. We also include some B-roll of how the different grips fir our hands.

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