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This model has been around a long time and never caught much attention. It's affordable (around $300-350 in 2021), well-featured, and most importantly a lot more available than the more famous model it emulates.

After ignoring the gun for years just like everyone else had we decided to give the B6C a try. It's a compact 13+1 pistol with a 3.8" barrel. That size fits right where I like pistols as it's compact enough for carry, but also sizeable enough to train with and enjoy extended range sessions with. Although most any training is a positive, training with one gun and then carrying another can have consequences if the difference between the two is big enough. An added bonus in my eyes is that it's a single-action, hammer-fired gun with double-action capability. Failures to fire don't happen very often, and even less often with hammer-fired pistols, but it's quicker to give the same round a second strike than to rack out the failed round and get back on target. As a side example, while Teya was training with VerTac a round of Winchester military ammunition failed to fire in her Canik. The instructor popped it into his Glock and the round failed again. For no other reason than pure entertainment I fed it into my Grand Power and the round fired. It's a rare instance, but +1 point for hammer-fired guns.

For the numbers folks the specs of the SAR USA B6C below were pulled directly from SAR USA's website:

  • Model: B6 C

  • Caliber: 9mm

  • Capacity: 13+1

  • Barrel Length: 3.8 in

  • Action: DA/SA

  • LOA: 7.4 in

  • Width: 1.1 in

  • Weight: 25.2 oz

If you're looking for a SAR USA B6C of your own check the listings here.

We've tried a holster from Alien Gear, and Cross Breed has a complete selection here.

As you can see the B6C is not small, nor is it large; it's compact! A great goldilocks size. We know that Sarsilmaz has been making guns since 1880, but how'd they do with a compact, polymer-framed CZ-type gun? Our first trip to the range had mixed results.

The sights, though fully functional, got in the way great shooting with our preferences. The trigger is ok, but has a little grit, and we had some feeding issues. Despite all of that we still enjoyed the gun enough to want to take it back out later, and Teya considered it as a potential for carry. Many viewers commented that they did not have the same feeding issues with their stainless barrel models. Overall it felt a bit like the gun just needed some break in time. Our Shooting Impressions videos are usually start with new guns having less than 30 rounds through them. We film that way so that our impressions, and what we show you, is the same experience you would have on your first trip to the range.

With an OWB holster from Alien Gear to try out we later took the B6C out again for another feel of it.

Our conclusion is that the SAR USA B6C could still make for a good carry gun, and the holsters offered by Cross Breed show that more than a few people have thought the same. Our sample size of one did need a little break in, and with aftermarket sights would make for an excellent carry gun. The one thing that can't change though is that narrow slide characteristic of the CZ design. It's not something I am a fan of, but is something that can be trained for.

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1 Comment

Peter Monck
Peter Monck
Sep 29, 2021

Love mine. You're correct about the sights and initial feeding hiccups.

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