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The Meta Canik METE Line

Fans of the channel know we're no strangers to Canik. Since 2017 we've been showing Canik pistols and enjoying our time with them. When rumors of "weak ejection", a trait that most handguns are physically incapable of, ran the internet we got to the bottom of it with our testing and conclusion that the early guns had been sprung for 124gr NATO loads and that combined with the occasional shooter error resulted in not enough force to properly eject softer American 115gr ammo. We then demonstrated this in video. Canik has since adjusted their spring tension and even offers other options for those looking to tune their action to the load they compete with.

See current Canik METE Listings HERE

After 20 videos and numerous articles on Canik pistols we're proud to be part of the launch for the new METE line. Note that the line is "mete", not "meta" though I couldn't pass up on the word play. "Mete" is an English verb meaning to dispense justice or harsh punishment. In the gamer world, "meta" is used to refer to the ultimate, and the actual definition means to refer to itself for creative works or when used as a prefix means to transcend or be more comprehensive. Regardless of which meaning you go with the METE line of Caniks is their next evolution.

Canik has grown in the US from an unknown brand known as a less-expensive alternative to Walther to a self-standing brand. Their design undoubtedly borrowed from the Walther P99AS and later PPQ line, but over time has evolved into it's own pistol. Canik's importer, Century Arms has done a great job of supporting the brand with a complete line of accessories which gives Canik the "here to stay" feel so many other imports lack. Holsters, barrels both threaded and non, parts, magazines, etc are all available.

So what makes the METE different? The video below explores that by comparing the latest METE SFx with an early SFx.

The TP series has been updated inside and out. I wouldn't call this a 2.0 per se, but if the Elite series brought us version 1.5 then the METE series is a 1.7. The details of this new release have been hidden in plain sight on Canik proper's website, even in English. Before you get too excited about the options on Canik proper's site, keep in mind that as with all foreign guns importers have to go through export approval, import approval, and BATFE's approval before you can even think about finding something on a US retailer's shelf. Yes the idea of a .380 TP is cool, and somewhere I once saw a TP9 with a 6.5" barrel listed, but those aren't likely to ever hit the US market.

The improvements most apparent to the TP9 series are on the frame. The texture has been sharpened a bit similar to the TP9 Elite, texture added at the memory point for a resting trigger finger and resting point for a modern, thumbs-forward hold's support hand. The trigger guard has been relieved slightly to permit the support hand a higher grip and the magazine well slightly beveled. What impressed me most was the additional and optional aluminum magazine well. This extra piece is very well designed and truly functional. The transition from added piece to actual well is smoother than what Salient Arms did for the Elite Combat series and the extra material up front serves nicely to scoop the firing hand into position as well as prevent that nasty pinch that I've experienced with Glock 19s and other guns when slamming the next mag home.

Results from our first range trip were impressive, especially when it came time for our Trigger Control Test, also known as the "Spinner" test.

The METE TP series seems to be Canik's best yet and you are assured you'll be seeing more on these on the channel.

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Do you think this is worth upgrading from the Elite, I would have to get rid of the 3 dot sights. My favorite is the Elite Combat.


Peter Monck
Peter Monck
Aug 11, 2021

Why do I love .380? Everyone should make them in metal.

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