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Military Surplus .380 ACP Ammo

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Our friends over at True Shot Gun Club know we're always looking for different loads to include in our What's For Dinner™ Test and let us know about some interesting military surplus 380 ACP ammo coming in from Romania. Not just Romania, but the legendary Cugir factory where decades of great AKs and other arms have come from.

Find current availability and pricing HERE.

Fans of the channel know that on a trip to Serbia and Romania Teya and I swung by Cugir to take a peak at the town where it's all made. We were unable to visit what is still a working military facility, but it was cool to be there.

This ammunition features sealed primers and comes in classic spam cans. We've been warned it's likely corrosive, so cleaning the gun (including warm water) after using this ammo is of course highly recommended. We took some of this to the range along with the Diamondback DB .380, SCCY CPX-3, Tisas Fatih 13, and Grand Power CP380 to see how it would do. We also chronographed ten shots and tested for accuracy.

As you can see it did quite well. The standard deviation is a bit off as we had one soft load out of ten shots. The primers may be a bit hard for tiny striker-fired guns, but once you put a gun with some gusto it runs great with plenty of pressure for cycling. We're looking forward to the next chance we have to feed our hungry Vz 61 Skorpion. You can also expect to see more of this in future What's For Dinner™ tests.

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