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EAA Girsan MC9

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EAA has taken over the importation of Girsan handguns. We've had plenty of positive experiences with Girsan pistols in the past from other importers, but with each importation come an opportunity for new models or new variations of older models. The MC9 is a new model, at least to us.

Striker-fired, 4.2" barrel, 17+1 capacity, and includes a pre-mounted red dot with fiber-optic rear sights integrated into the base of the dot. Girsan seems to have stepped things up a notch as the polymer feels quite different than it did on the MC-28. Here's a tabletop look at what comes in the box the pistol's construction.

With prices ranging from $400-$600 (see today's going rate here) on the open market the MC9 is priced higher than previous Girsan guns. This made it somewhat of a disappointment that it only came with one magazine. EAA lists spare magazines at $40.00 here, but we wanted to see if we had any magazines in house that might work. We found four different magazines that seemed to work well enough with snap caps, would they work with live ammo we'd have to wait and see.

Current Lineup and Pricing on Grabagun HERE

On the range the MC 9's performance was stunning. Despite not having a particularly heavy recoil spring recoil was super soft. The trigger, though not as fancy as a Canik or Walther had a very usable and predictable break that made target shooting very easy. My apologies for not running the gun quickly, the weather man had forecasted temperatures in the 50s when we left for the range. I dressed appropriately and the high never got above 38! Frosty fingers aside, the accuracy of the MC 9 was still very impressive.

5 Shots from 7 yards of Norma Hexagon ammunition through the EAA Girsan MC 9

What's Not to Like? To be super nit-picky about the gun would be to complain that the trigger reset is a little long for being an otherwise great trigger. Countering that is that by NOT having a super-short reset this trigger is also safer as you're less likely to blip off an unintended shot. Teya noticed that the grip texture wasn't very aggressive. Some folks like that, others not. On a frosty November morning it made little difference to us as we couldn't feel much anyways. With sweaty or wet hands some grip tape may be advised. Including just one magazine is a turn off, but we've found other magazines that work and EAA offers extras for sale on their website.

Who's it For? The Girsan MC 9 is a bit on the large side for a carry gun, but would make a decent duty gun. Finding a holster may be a challenge with large-framed, universal leather holsters the simplest solution unless someone knows a custom shop. I'd say the MC 9 would make for a great learning gun as it's absolutely pleasant on the range and simple to operate. Once comfortable with it the rail space and larger size make the MC 9 a good choice as a home defense gun.

Overall We liked the EAA Girsan MC 9 enough to include it in our favorites playlist. Guns seen there impressed us and are likely to be seen again the next time we have a valid excuse to bring them to the range again.

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2 comentarios

23 nov 2021

Graham, no link to the article that you wrote covering this pistol! I feel cheated here 😡😉

Me gusta
Graham Baates
Graham Baates
23 nov 2021
Contestando a

The article was on the SAR USA SAR 9 C. It'll be hitting news stands soon, once it's out I'll be able to link to the magazine.

Me gusta
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