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Come Shoot With Us! Guardian Conference 2023

I attend training as often as possible not just for enjoyment and personal growth, but because life-saving skills depreciate. I've also found value in receiving training from different instructors whose different styles provide different solutions, some of which work better that others for each individual student. Between ITTS, Front Sight, Thunder Ranch, Center-T, and Sentinel Concepts I've attended 17 courses outside of military training and each time I've learned something new, improved, or expanded my abilities.

In September, 2023 I (and possibly Teya) plan on attending the Gauradian Conference put on by CCW Safe and Beyond, firearm training, the Guardian Conference looks to be a very complete weekend of education for the armed citizen by including both legal and medical considerations. Real skills for real Americans, not mall-ninja LARPing in full kit.

Bottom Line Up Front:

What: Handgun, medical, and legal training for the armed citizen.

Where: Oklahoma City, OK

When: 15-17 September, 2023

Cost: $750 + your own-supplied ammunition. Price includes 24+ hours of education, a T-shirt, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and water at the event.

Sign Up: HERE

Having attended several training opportunities I can attest that this is a very reasonable price for what looks to be a well-rounded offering of training. The location is also one that is much easier to get to than others out there. With a price and location so reasonable, we want to share news of this event with you in hopes you'll join us. We're attending as students, come shoot with us! Aside from knowing some of the folks responsible for the event we have no affiliation with the event, this is not a sales pitch.

Here's are some of the classes offered last year taught by a variety of instructors to give you a feel for what will be available. (2023 class offerings were not published as of the date this was written).

  • Pistol Intelligence: Crash Course

  • Competitive Shooting Primer

  • The 5 Elements of Self-Defense (by an attorney)

  • Defense of Others & Property, and Interacting with Police (by an attorney)

  • Essential Skills and Drills

  • Skillbuilder 50 - Mythbusting the Fundamentals

  • Post Incident Management - Preparing Yourself For The Police Response

  • Fight IQ: The New Paradigm in Training for Armed Guardians

  • Detect | Deter | Defend - The 5 Stages of Violent Crime

  • Weapons Based Clinch Fighting for Armed Guardians

  • Vehicle Defense for Armed Guardians

  • Managing Unknown Contacts

  • OC Spray and Less Lethal Options

  • Low-light Fundamentals

  • Low-light Shooting and Tactics

  • Advanced Fundamentals

  • Armed Parent/Guardian: One Handed Shooting Fundamentals

  • The Next Step Beyond Shooting; Decision Making

  • Armed Parent/Guardian: One Handed Shooting Fundamentals

  • Trauma Medicine in a Hostile Environment

  • The Mastery of Shooting On The Move

  • Dot Performance

We have some GBGuns patches set aside from a trial run with a patch maker. We'll bring these limited GBGuns patches for the first 50 to sign up and let us know.

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