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Ammo Shipping is Expensive

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If you're reading our site chances are you're either an avid shooter or becoming one. One way that can get expensive is ammo. Not only have ammunition prices been at record levels over the last year+, but it's also been hard to find, sometimes forcing a purchase just because you've found some available. Adding to that mess has been the increased cost of shipping anything, let alone densely-packed heavy packages.

For many of us this means buying in bulk. Not only is ammo generally cheaper per round in bulk, but some retailers halted selling individual boxes during the shortage. I (Graham) started my bulk buying back in 2011 when my buddies and I would go shoot a case per weekend up in the hills. Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money per shot, but then the ammunition still has to be shipped to you. Sometimes that added shipping cost negates the savings of buying in bulk.

Our friends at TrueShot Gun Club have developed a solution. They're launching a service somewhat like Amazon Prime. For a membership of $99/year they'll cover your shipping costs. Depending on where you live and what you order that's about what three good orders of ammo adds up to. We've ordered from TrueShot and found there prices to be competitive and their listings to sometimes include the cool stuff you can't find elsewhere like 165gr 9mm :)

Use the code, "GBGuns"and save $20 off the first year's membership. This code, as with most other links and codes you'll see around the internet is an affiliate agreement. When you save $20 they will also allot money to our ammo account to help us continue making videos.

Have you ever thought about what our average video costs in ammo? What's For Dinner alone is easily $250+ per gun. We appreciate your support. Programs like these allow us to continue without becoming beholden to a manufacturer or to a broker like Levaithan. Thank you.

Here are some recent deals (as of the day this was written) on TrueShot:

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