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5.11 Opens 100th Retail Location and Why You Should Care

Over the years we've seen 5.11 transform from a small company to one of almost cliché popularity before finding its current spot as a creator and vendor of performance clothing for those who like to be outdoors.

I used to joke that the first rule of being "tactical" is to have excessive pockets. 5.11 may have been partially behind the inspiration for that joke, but the fact is that if you've ever participated in an activity requiring you to carry various things on your person, then had what those things were change, you know that more pockets is always a good thing. In that sense the joke is more of a maxim. If you want to be able to deploy your gear for the day tactically (meaning with intent and as a means of accomplishing something) there's no such thing as excessive pockets.

Why You Should Care about a 100th retail location: If you live, travel, or work anywhere like we do, you know how society can shun those who bother to be prepared for life's realities. Sometimes that means judging who we are for the clothing we wear. Those same people who think "tactical" should only be for oppressors likely also judge brands or think that they must only make gear for crazy militants. 5.11 has done an excellent job of creating useful gear and clothing that goes beyond range junkies and as a result can attract more than just range junkies. Their retail locations put that fact in the faces of passes-by and those who might be looking for something for a camping trip or workout. When they enter the store they have a chance to be exposed to the reality that not all "tactical" means militiamen LARPing in the woods.

I see 5.11's retail locations as ambassadors of the shooting sports and culture we all hold so dearly. The more normal 5.11-type brands become in cities like Oxnard, California the better chance we Constitutional Americans have of being less estranged and more understood.

If you don't care about preserving our way of life you can at least appreciate the opportunity to try something on before buying versus trusting random internet reviews and size guides.

From 5.11's Press Release

5.11 Tactical® To Celebrate the Grand Opening of its 100th Company-Owned Retail LocationIrvine, Calif. (Aug. 23, 2022) – 5.11 Tactical®, the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, will celebrate the grand opening of its 100th company-owned retail store in Oxnard, California on Saturday, September 17. The store marks a major milestone in the brand’s retail expansion and growth since it introduced its first company-owned retail location in 2014.

“Strategic and aggressive retail expansion has been one of our top priorities in recent years andgetting to 100 locations has been a major milestone for us,” said 5.11’s CEO Francisco J. Morales. “A larger retail presence allows us to offer the full 5.11 experience to existing customers while creating opportunities to introduce new customers to our outstanding products. We’re thrilled to reach 100 stores and excited to continue our growth into the future.”

Well-known for its technical apparel, footwear and gear that’s popular with public safety professionals and military personnel, 5.11’s full product offering provides items designed to keep outdoor adventurers, fitness fanatics and tactical enthusiasts equipped and ready for anything. The brand’s purpose-built product lines vary from workout equipment and apparel to everyday clothing options and much more.

“5.11’s approach to serving our consumers is to provide our consumers with optionality. From our robust e-commerce business, to the way our brand comes to life in our retail locations, as well as our many wholesale partners,” said 5.11’s Senior Vice President of Omni-Channel, MarkParker. “Our focus has always been to serve our first responders, while welcoming new consumers to our brand, and 100 retail stores shows our commitment to achieve this across theU.S.”

Currently, 5.11 owns retail locations in 31 states with larger metropolitan areas serving as a hubfor several convenient locations that offers customer easy access and additional shopping opportunities nearby. 5.11 Oxnard joins the ranks as 5.11’s 20th store in California.

“Whether it’s for everyday use, outdoor adventures, on-duty use by public safety professionals, or fitness training, we offer gear that is made to help users perform their best in all aspects of life, said 5.11’s CMO, Debra Radcliff. “At our retail locations, customers are able to find the rightitems for their needs and interact with our knowledgeable staff to find exactly what they are looking for.”

5.11’s retail locations provide an ideal opportunity for tactical professionals and outdoor enthusiasts to engage with the 5.11 brand and its knowledgeable staff. The stores feature a complete product offering tailored specifically to each region, including head-to-toe apparel and gear for men and women.

With its roots in servicing the law enforcement, first responder and military communities, 5.11 prides itself on hiring former servicemen and women and veterans from the local area, whenever possible.

To find a store location near you, please visit

About 5.11, Inc.

With offices around the globe, 5.11 works directly with end users to create purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear designed specifically to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of tactical professionals and technical enthusiasts worldwide. 5.11 products exceed rigorous standards, which have allowed the brand to establish a reputation for innovation and authenticity, and become the premier choice for those who always have to be ready. 5.11 products can be purchased online, through authorized dealers and retailers, as well as at 5.11 company-owned retail stores.

Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling gear and accessories at Find a full list of 5.11 company-owned retail stores at Connect with 5.11 on Facebook, Twitter @511Tactical and on Instagram @511Tactical and #511tactical

5.11, Inc. is a subsidiary of Compass Diversified (NYSE: CODI).

5.11, 5.11 Tactical and Always Be Ready are registered trademarks of 5.11, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Great site with so much helpful information. Wanted to let someone know that the two links near the end of the section named "About 5.11, Inc." don't send you to the 5.11 website as they should.

Graham Baates
Graham Baates

Thanks for head's up. That section was copied directly from 5.11's press release, but we can fix that for them.

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