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Your Rights At Risk

In the last couple of years it seems the BATFE (commonly referred to by its old name "ATF") has been making more efforts to restrict our Constitutional Rights. The most popular was the recent (and forth-coming) scare over pistol braces.

Another one has been looming that impacts all firearm owners and needs immediate action (prior to 19AUG21). BATFE is trying to redefine what a "receiver" is. The part that is controlled as a firearm and require serialization. Mark Serbu recently made a great short video that explains this quite well.

If you've not participated in an open comment session before the process is quite simple. Click here and explain what you think about the proposed rule. Your comment can be as short or long as you need, just don't copy and paste someone else's comment, we've been told those are systematically removed.

One logical reason to fight this that might appeal to bureaucrats is the immense expense that the proposal would bring. If every AR-15 legally became three firearms that's three times the record keeping and processing that would be needed, three times the potential personnel, data, and infrastructure BATFE would need. It also puts an undue burden on manufacturers and would restrain the supply chain of a tax-revenue generating industry.

Remember, BATFE is not a legislative body, and any ruling they create which is then enforced with law is a violation of the very concept of our nation. BATFE is not comprised of elected representatives. Even if it was, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

That link one more time:

(GBGuns does not have any affiliation with Mark Serbu or Serbu Firearms. This video was used simply because it is well done and concise.)

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