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What Are The Gundies?

The humorous nature of the Gundies is highlighted by the figure of someone taking a selfie while holding a firearm

For three years now a contest/award ceremony has been going on under the name of, "The Gundies". For the third year in a row GBGuns supporters have been vocal enough for us to be in the running for a title (this year for Best Gun Reviewer). So what is it and why should you care?

A chance to win a free trip to the Gundies HERE.

The What: An annual event that highlights various content creators that center around firearms. The general public votes for chances to win prizes and have their favorite content creators recognized.

How it Works: This is a very clever business model that benefits all involved. By voting (free and daily) you are entered for a chance to win prizes from the various sponsors listed here. The sponsors are participating to get face time with content creators at the final award ceremony and gain access to the email list generated from the contest. The content creators gain notoriety and have a chance to be recognized in front of their supporters, peers, and the industry.

Gundies Sponsors We've Had a Good Experience With:

  • CrossBreed Holsters: A company who's products we've used and recommend.

  • Primary Arms Optics: Though we don't use their optics, the main shop is great.

  • True Shot Gun Club: One of our ammo sources and home of good deals.

  • Brownell's: The website can be awkward, but if it's firearm-related chances are good they have it and can help you find it.

Why You Might Care: In exchange for giving your email address to companies you were possibly already interested in you get a chance to win prizes for voting, and voting happens each day the contest is live (the month of January). This is also the chance to show your support for your favorite content creators across a wide spectrum from the serious to those who's pretty pictures you enjoy on Instagram. This event has gained momentum each year and does draw industry attention. Want your favorites to get noticed? Vote for them!

Why GBGuns Cares: In an era dominated by "influencers" (those who seek personal fame and who's only task is to inspire you to buy something) we are a minority as journalists. Would we like to make a buck? Of course, but it's more important to us that you make the right decision for you, and that you know how to safely and proficiently enjoy your civil right. Instead of influencing, we spend our efforts educating. As a result we are less trendy. Being nominated by you honors us and tells both us and the industry that there are still folks out there who want real information and not just entertainment.

Our Take: The Gundies is a fun concept, and a great way to learn about other content creators since YouTube and Instagram tend to be echo chambers, only suggesting more of what you've seen in the past. We appreciate your support in voting for us. If you don't want to be on the email list simply unsubscribe as soon as you receive them.

If you'd like to participate you can vote daily here.

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2 comentarios

09 ene 2022

God I HATE the term "Influencer!" It just proves even further that sheeple are mindless

drones follow the thoughts and ideas of what someone tells them to think and say..... I do have to admit that my votes are shared between you and Lena Miculek. I am such a fan of hers.

Me gusta

Dave Knowles
Dave Knowles
07 ene 2022

Been trying to remember to vote every day. I’m running around 70%

Me gusta
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