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Tisas Zigana PX-9 G2

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Initial thoughts in handling it, grip, texture, trigger feel - Graham is known to bring home a gun or two and I of course have the honor of learning about them all. Some excite me more than others and after our time at the range with the PX-9 G2 this is definitely one that I enjoyed enough to recommend to anyone looking for an inexpensive, customizable, pleasant-to-shoot gun.

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Action Type Semi-Auto

Trigger SA with Safety

Caliber 9mm

Capacity 15/18 rds

Barrel Length 4.039”

Length 7.196”

Height 5.755”

Width 1.377”

Weight (without Mag) 1.640

These specs were taken directly from the manual (Graham found it stuck to the back of the padding behind the cleaning gear). They are also on the manufacturers website. Both Graham and I questioned the length as it seems like a longer barrel however after using a regular ol' American tape measure I confirmed that it is 4. not quite to the first line past the 4" mark.

As mentioned above I thoroughly enjoyed this gun on the range despite it's really stiff recoil spring which prior to learning the push/pull method of racking the slide would have made this a gun I didn't like. I've come to appreciate the stiffer springs as they do, as Graham mentions often, make for a much more pleasant shooting experience. I am a firm believer in being able to accurately and efficiently handle a piece of equipment without fancy upgrades however, it takes a little more practice to master and the sights on the PX-9 G2 is no exception.

The black on black sights make for easy range target acquisition provided the lighting is perfect, if not be prepared to make some adjustments and if it's dark well .. do not commence to spray and pray. The good news is at the rear sight is reported to be S&W® Dovetail Cut and the front sight also looks to be of a common cut so they can easily be changed to something that would allow accurate placement of shots in low or reduced lighting. Also, there is ample space on the accessory rail for a light source to be placed. As you can see in the Shooting Impressions when Graham demonstrates how our target disappeared into the shadows you can imagine how hard it could be to be certain of one's sight picture.

We took some time and tried all the backstrap/side plate combos and were genuinely impressed with how dramatic the changes were. I find that I am constantly surprised at how the smallest change in grip comfort can make for quicker sight alignment, a better grip improves accuracy and shooting comfort which improves confidence. It never ceases to amaze me how much a "shooting impression" changes through what at one point in history wasn't really an option (outside of trusting a local gunsmith to not screw up your finest six shooter) like it is today, and it all comes in one small case for one fairly small price. My over all thoughts on the Tisas Zigana PX-9 G2 is with all of the backstraps, side plates, shooting comfort and all the other considerations that Tisas made when making the G2 one could not go wrong with this purchase.

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Sep 10, 2021

Thanks for another excellent review. I have passed this pistol up many times. I have been curious, but never enough to grab one. It's amazing what is available for lower prices these days, even with the price jump due to economic changes. It seems the manufacturers in Turkey have been consistently improving in design and quality as well as offering a tremendous variety of fresh designs and "clones".


I bought the Zigana F 9mm last year. I still kick myself in the rear end for selling it as it was a great shooting gun! The bad part about it was I couldn't find any aftermarket parts for it. I did recently buy the Grand Power K100 X-Trim which you liked a lot. I absolutely love that gun! It is a fine shooter.

Graham Baates
Graham Baates
Sep 10, 2021
Replying to

The K100 X-Trim is an awesome gun! I think I'll swap that slide onto my decocker K-100 frame for carry. The recoil difference between the X-Trim and regular is slight, but it is there, so why not take advantage of it?

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