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Teya's Review of the Tara TM-9X

My First Gun Review – The Tara TM-9X

I have had the unique privilege to experience a multitude of guns while co-hosting with GBGuns. While I had shot many guns before, I had never shot them with attention to the over all experience and how different factors can play into that experience. Not many people that I know have had the unique opportunity to shoot nearly 30 different firearms of various calibers to determine what their conceal carry choice would be but I did. But I’ve never written a review of those experiences, until now.

This handsome 4.5”, striker-fired pistol comes to the US via a small aerospace company in Montenegro called TARA Aerospace AD. Chambered in 9mm, equipped with traditional 3 dot sights, polymer frame and tilting lock up. The Tara TM-9 hosts many positive features to include the Ambi mag release, double action/single action, stainless steel slide and many other notable features. The patented Double Action Short Release (DASR) trigger, the aesthetically pleasing honeycomb grip texture, extended beavertail and three interchangeable backstraps along with 3 proprietary mags included make this is a right option for any training course.


In shooting the Tara TM-9 I can attest to the added comfort design that went into the making of this gun. Noticeably reduced muzzle flip allows for quick target acquisition between shots. The loaded chamber indicator is not just something they tout, this one is actually visually notable while shooting, something I haven’t notice in other guns that I’ve shot that were equipped with a similar feature. The trigger makes for the easiest double action shooting that I’ve experienced (or recall at this moment) to date and with follow up shots being single action it makes for some quick shooting.

You can find all the specs here:

For pricing, no idea because in this industry we know things are ever changing the more firearms evolve. I’m willing to bet though that you could find it for well under $600 typically at time of writing for less than $500.

Overall, this is an excellent firearm that I would recommend to any shooter regardless of experience. It's easy to shoot and operate, has minimal recoil and an excellent traditional sight system along with the added safety of the double action trigger.

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