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Sig P365 .380

When this pistol was announced I got excited. I'm a firm believer that everyone should have the right and ability to defend themselves. I also believe that we have the technology and industrial base to be able to produce tools anyone can use. Additionally, I believe those who may not have the strength or constitution to handle larger calibers in small guns can and should have decent carry options to chose from. By rechambering the P365 in Browning's .380 ACP, Sig has done just that.

The Sig P365 changed the way America looks at concealed carry handguns. No longer are we bound to single-stack capacity in order to have a slim and small handgun. With statistics showing us that it takes 2.5 (effectively 3) rounds to incapacitate an attacker regardless of caliber single-stack guns meant a citizen could at best handle two attackers, assuming they landed every shot, before needing to reload. Bumping capacity up without an appreciable increase in size is a nice reassurance. Take a look at the Tabletop video below for more details.

What's Different From the Original 365 is next to nothing. Dimensions are the same, and aside from a different barrel and recoil assembly the P365 380 is nearly indistinguishable from an original P365. The magazine bodies appear to be the same as the 9mm P365, but with a spacer inserted to account for .380 (9x17mm) being a little shorter than 9x19. This is great news as it means that the aftermarket is already built in as is a decent amount of parts interchange. Really the biggest benefit is that the P365 380 operates from a locked breach (not a blowback) which effectively reduces recoil even more. The P365 380 has all the benefits of the 9mm original, but is a lot more pleasant to shoot.


Caliber: .380 ACP Capacity: 10+1 Action: Striker-fired Frame Size: Micro Compact Barrel Length: 3.1in. Overall Length: 5.8in. Overall Height: 4.2in. Overall Width: 1.0in. Sights: SIGLITE night sights Weight: 15.7oz Price: $499 HERE and $527 HERE

To see how the P365 .380 performed on the range, including our What's For Dinner™ test watch the Shooting Impressions Video:

Ammunition seen in our Shooting Impressions video was made possible by our Patrons and supporters of our ammunition savings account through Ammo Squared. Additional, on-demand ammunition through True Shot Gun Club.

What's Not to Like is fortunately a very short list. The magazines are a bit tough to load, but fortunately Sig has included one of the best-designed magazine loaders I've encountered (seen in tabletop video). Other than that the only other fault doesn't belong to Sig; .380 ACP ammunition costs more than 9mm.

Is .380 an acceptable defensive caliber? I've yet to find anyone willing to be shot with it, and do believe that modern defensive ammunition is lightyears ahead of where it was just a decade ago. Is it the best choice? No. Is it better than being unarmed? YES! A while back i did a study published on AmmoLand comparing five different matched defensive loads through two different matched 9mm and .380 pistols (matching barrel length and action type). I found that, generally, .380 ACP produced 1/2 to 2/3rds the energy of the matched 9mm load. That's not encouraging, but what we don't know is how the round performs in target. That's up to the projectile designers to figure out.

The most important aspect of the P365 .380 is that I find is that it's so pleasant to shoot. Why does that matter for a carry gun? You'll perform best with that you've trained the most with. Too often we compromise on shooting pleasantry in the name of concealment. It's a simple fact, the smaller and lighter a pistol is the harder it is to shoot and higher the recoil. The P365 .380 is very manageable and that means one who carries it is more likely to be willing to train with it. Ms. Teya was unable to make it the day I filmed the Shooting Impressions video, but gave her own quick take on a later date. See that short video below:

To Conclude, the P365 .380 is an excellent option for those wanting the concealment and ease of carry that the P365 provides, but in a softer-recoiling, easier-to-rack option. .380 ACP may not be a powerhouse, but it's better than nothing and certainly better than carrying a pistol you're not comfortable with.

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