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REI Hates America?

While establishing this site we looked in to companies who we had bought from the the past. As you've seen stated in other articles we won't post an affiliate link unless it's a product we've tested, believe in, and would recommend to friends and family. Being based in the Pacific Northwest weather is often a variable for our range trips and REI has had solutions for us in the past.

No, granola isn't an acceptable alternative to steak and no, we don't drive Subarus covered in political stickers, but the selection at REI usually meant a solution was there for us in a pinch. Some of the products from REI have been so-so, but others have been great and we intended to share them with you. That changed when we reached out to REI about this site and were given the following reply.

In case that image is too small we'll break the comments down:

1: "We were unable to access and review your web site." This is on us, the site wasn't public yet, we didn't want to publish without a volume of content.

2: "Your site is in a category that REI does not want to be associated with, or is not relevant to our product assortment." We film outdoors, year round, in any weather and wear clothing while doing that.

3: "The traffic level of your web site is too low." So REI only has time for the cool kids? Is there a prerequisite to shop there?

4: "There is inappropriate material on your site." Are we inappropriate because we actually go outside? Has REI gone fashion only?

5: "Your site contains heavy hunting or guns/weapon related content." Ignoring the grammar error, how do they think the wilderness was explored or conquered? REI sells several types of weapons in their stores, just not firearms, so this must be related to firearms. Do they have a problem with the US Constitution? Who owns REI? Are they Americans, if so are they felons?

6: "You sell potentially competing products on your website." We don't sell anything on the website, might sell some swag in the future, are they really that concerned that GBGuns-branded swag would compete with REI? Financial statements at REI must be abysmal.

In the end we learned not to shop at REI anymore as the most likely reason for this message from them is that they have a problem with the US Constitution and those who exercise their rights. As a result we can not advise people spend any money or time with REI. Instead we recommend an alternative who knows what American Freedom is about such as LA Police Gear.

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Rick D
Rick D
Nov 17, 2021

I also live in the Pacific Northwest and REI is huge here in Alaska, I however try to support my local shops because they don't shame hunters or gun owners. It blows their minds that you can hike, bike, climb, kayak and STILL hunt and be conscious of the environment and not use it as a religion.


I'll play Devils Advocate here (I am NOT in agreement with REI, but mostly because of the fact that I have no idea who they are) and remind everyone that Springfield and Daniel Defense took a wild ride on the dark side of anti-2A drama! Sorry that you and Teya are being treated the way you are, but there's a lot of pro 2A companies out there as well. I know when Graham's mad cause he goes straight for the diction! LOL


Jul 30, 2021

They are a co-op, with at least one executive that is a former high level Obama administration member. REI was part of the 2018 NRA boycott and has severed business with others over firearm and/or 2A issues before. One of the issues businesses face is the backlash they receive, including violence, from political "protesters". In some cases, business owners and executives are simply scared, which is the result of a form of terrorism. In this case, it seems to be part of the core of their organization.


This, exactly this... companies that choose to not support the 2A community, should be exposed for who they are. Despite REI not being in the firearms business, does not make it necessary to disassociate from one that is. You're actually doing them a solid by giving them traffic, and business... instead they choose to give 2A supporters the middle finger. Well, they will get the same from me... adios REI.

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