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Grand Power Stribog News!

From the first US video on the Stribog, to the first print article showing the full potential of Grand Power's little subgun, we've been supporters for years. More muzzle energy from a more compact firearm than the CZ Scorpion, and about a third of the price of a B&T, the Stribog has lived up to it's namesake as the God of force (gusts as in stream and winds).


When folks had questions about compatibility with different loads beyond our normal 10-load What's For Dinner™ test we did a Mega WFD and tested 27 different loads through an original A1 and the updated A1, running one suppressed and one unsuppressed.

Later, when critics complained that the ejection port and action design was causing malfunctions, and complicating those malfunctions with improper handling we created a video to help people understand their Stribog a little better (and let gravity help instead of harm).

and now we get to bring you news about new magazines!

There were some concerns with early Stribog magazines as they could crack or bind. As with all polymer magazines, part of the issue is that polymer tries to normalize its moisture with the moisture in the environment. That means that in dry climates it dries, and in moist climates it softens. As a result, those in particularly dry or humid climates saw their Stribog magazines weaken or break over time. Others complained that the straight-stick design caused rounds to bind. The 9mm cartridge has a slight taper, about 0.010" from the base to the mouth of the case.

While that's not much, it does add up when stacked. A 30-round magazine runs 15 rounds on each side which would be a simple 0.15" difference, but the rounds are...well...round and the stack staggers. As a result if you load a translucent magazine to higher volume you'll notice the stack can look quite frustrated.

This is why classic 9mm submachinegun magazines like the Sterling and MP-5 are curved and why straight sticks like the Suomi, Colt, Uzi, or Glock sticks don't work (joke). In all seriousness, the frustration of rounds is real, and if the case material isn't nicely polished or clean, issues can arise. A curved magazine has better potential.

Grand Power has changed the material of their Stribog magazines (slightly) to be tougher, and now made curved magazines available.

These new magazines are easier to load, keep the rounds waiting their turn happier, and look cooler. They have also enlarged the stopper that prevents over-insertion since Americans seem to love smacking the magazines after inserting (a cause of broken or bent feed lips when done with against a closed bolt).

New Stribog Magazines will be available through Global Ordnance (not an affiliate link) beginning 16AUG21.

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Kimball Scarr
Kimball Scarr
17. aug. 2021

Well having one for self defense around the house, for my 90 year old mother, she hated. Of course, German ladies are always right about the household and everything in it, worse if you are their offspring you must obey, and if you don't agree that is verboten! Think, do or to suggest otherwise is simply not tolerated. Her complaints: too heavy, cumbersome, clunky , hard to operate controls, impossible to aim/direct comfortably, and just about the most worthless thing for a household self defense. A Pedersoli muzzle loading double barrel sawn off shot gun far in away better, in her opinion... à la Like mom used to be over 60 years ago working around the house a little sweaty,…

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