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Grand Power Mk23 Pistols Have Arrived!

The optics-ready, enhanced texture Mk23 generation of Grand Power pistols have finally arrived in the US! We'll have full reviews coming in time, but for now I simply wanted to share that they are available from the importer Global Ordnance. If you're not familiar with what has changed with this generation of Grand Power Pistols see THIS Article for a comparison. If you're new to Grand Power pistols see our Grand Power Pistol Guide.

Here's a quick comparison test of the Mk12 vs Mk23 for recoil control:

Below are the models that appeared today, some of which we had a chance to shoot pre-release when we visited Grand Power in 2023.

Grand Power K100 Mk23
Grand Power K100 Mk23

This is the original size format with a roughly 4.25" barrel for extra muzzle energy and smoother cycling, 15rd 9mm capacity, and as always all control ambidextrous. Footage of our early range experience HERE.

Grand Power P1 Mk23
Grand Power P1 Mk23

The P1 Shortend the barrel to around 3.5" for more comfortable concealment but retains the same frame as it's bigger brother because what good is a gun too small to hold on to?

Grand Power Q100 Mk23
Grand Power Q100 Mk23

The Q100 follows the same size factor as the K100, but has a longer sight radius because there's no hammer to make room for. Grand Power's striker triggers were inspired by the reputation of their hammer triggers and so are some of the lightest, shortest, and crispest on the market; making our list of Best Striker Triggers out of mroe than 400 handguns reviewed.

The Q1 Mk23 Is likely to be the most popular of the four announced today witha subcompact barrel length and compact grip like the P1, the Q1 being striker-fired and now optics ready checks the box of what many seek in a handgun.

There should be more models coming soon, we'll do our best to let you know when they're available as soon as we know. These four should fit the bill for most by filling most size needs for both striker and hammer

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We sent a Petition to the Maryland Handgun Roster Board on Friday, April 26, 2024 for the Grand Power K100 Mk23. I also ordered one from Global Ordnance, in the event the administrator changes her mind, and requests a sample.

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Thanks. They are pretty good about approving handguns. I have not had one that I submitted denied.

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