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GOSAFE: A New Type of Firearm Security


GOSAFE is in innovative product that, while maybe not for everyone everyday, I think warrants some attention because for some it might be the perfect solution.

What Is It? GOSAFE's Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe are magazine replacements that enable you to disable the firearm. With the turn of a unique key the slide, magazine release, and trigger lock up solid. Currently available for Glock 9mm magazine-compatable firearms, the GOSAFE products offer an interesting way to retain availability of a firearm, but prevent unauthorized use.

With the GOSAFE key turned this arm extends and locks the firearm from any function.
With the GOSAFE key turned this arm extends and locks the firearm from any function.

In my own experience with the GOSAFE products I found it to fit and function in various Glock magazine pattern pistols with some minor adaptation. The user manual, likely as a legal CYA, insists the GOSAFE be inserted into firearms with the slide open, some of my pistols would not let the slide close once the GOSAFE was inserted. However, if I inserted on a closed slide everything worked just fine. I asked GOSAFE about this and they said they recommended the slide be locked open as one more safety step to ensure the firearm was unloaded.

GOSAFE is available as a functioning magazine or simple insert.
GOSAFE is available as a functioning magazine or simple insert.

The round keys can only be inserted in one orientation and are of a very precise fit. As a result I don't see the GOSAFE as something you'd want to be locking or unlocking in a hurry, but there are still potential applications for such a device depending on your lifestyle and individual needs. You can get a better feel for the GOSAFE in the video below.

When Is It Useful? What came to mind in my own life are those errand runs to non-permissive environments like the US Post Office. While I don't advocate complying with unconstitutional laws, the chance of getting a felony for dropping off a package is simply one I'm not willing to take. That means disarming and leaving the gun in the car. Hiding a pistol is easy enough, but disabling it has extra appeal.

At release, the GOSAFE Mobil Mag is limited to 10-round capacity.
At release, the GOSAFE Mobil Mag is limited to 10-round capacity.

The common solution of course is to have a tiny lockbox in the car, but if it's the car being stolen that doesn't do much to ensure your firearm won't be used in a subsequent crime. As I understand it, with a GOSAFE in place there is no way to remove it without a key that would not also severly damage the firearm. A GOSAFE-locked pistol is as good as a paperweight without the key.

I could also see armed professionals that have to turn in their pistols temporarily to a security desk, or citizens that need to forfeit a handgun to hotel security (such as Las Vegas) benefiting from making their pistol fiddle-proof. A GOSAFE-locked handgun slide can not be racked and the trigger not dry fired. Those two factors also mean the pistol can not be taken apart.

Hotels are another great application. Quite often when traveling there are times when I need to leave my pistol in the room (such as when heading to the bar in a state that does not permit firearms in bar areas). Sure there's usually one of those untrustable safes in the room, but we have all seen how easily hotel staff can get into them. With a GOSAFE in place, een if they get the gun they can't use it without the key.

At launch GOSAFE is available as a Mobile Safe (no ammunition capacity) for $79.99 or a Mobile Mag with a state-compliant 10-round capacity for $99.99. This is either a lot of money for a magazine or a competitive price for a security device depending on how you look at it. Considering the amount of unique components I'm sure it was not inexpensive to create these products.

The official press release can eb seen below.

Why a decorated combat veteran sought a firearm-storage solution that appeals to all Americans

STAMFORD, Conn. – There is no shortage of reasons why millions of Americans choose to exercise their right to gun ownership. Whether it is for the protection of life and property, for sport or even collecting, all gun owners are well acquainted with the same realities: an inaccessible firearm is the same as no firearm and storage-solution needs vary from situation to situation.

So how is a responsible gun owner to ensure their firearm is secure from unauthorized use while also keeping it accessible?

“My adult life has been spent serving and protecting others as a United States Marine, a private security contractor and a law enforcement professional. Through this I learned that the right to gun ownership is the only thing that ensures all of our other rights can exist,” said GOSAFE co-founder Mark “Oz” Geist. “But my law enforcement career also showed me some sobering realities: unauthorized gun use is a common denominator in firearm-related accidents, suicides and crimes.”

Geist spent many years in search of a solution that would preserve a gun owner’s right to quick, authorized access while lessening the opportunities for unauthorized access. Recognizing there is never a one-size-fits-all solution for securing firearms, Geist quickly realized the GOSAFE solution would be ideal for a majority of gun owners and firearm carriers, from parents to law enforcement professionals.

GOSAFE’s unique mobile solution was designed by leading firearms experts, including former law enforcement and military professionals, to provide real-world security solutions for all gun owners, which according to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, now represents 81.4 million Americans. GOSAFE reimagines firearms security by putting the safe inside the firearm rather than the firearm inside a safe. Both the Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag products fit safely and securely inside the firearm, in the same manner as OEM magazines, accessible only via a unique-to-user key. Once the firearm is locked in GOSAFE mode, there is no possibility of an unauthorized user intentionally or accidentally gaining access. The patented technology allows gun owners and professionals to go from loaded and ready to locked and safe whenever and wherever they are.

The GOSAFE line includes the Mobile Safe (MSRP $79.99) and the Mobile Mag (MSRP $99.99). The Mobile Safe is a non-loadable magazine-styled mobile safe that travels inside the firearm, providing speed and access and eliminates the need for cable and trigger locks. It prevents unauthorized and unintended firearm use by blocking the trigger and securely locking the slide closed. Users can easily switch from GOSAFE to their OEM mag in seconds. The Mobile Mag is a fully functioning magazine combining mobility and complete security with fast access that cannot be removed from the firearm when locked. Going from ready-to-fire to locked in a matter of seconds, when locked, it blocks the trigger to prevent unintended firing even with a round in the chamber.

GOSAFE is available to purchase at and will be arriving soon in retail locations around the country and online.

Every 15 minutes, an unsecured firearm is stolen from a vehicle or residence. In addition to lessening the instances of accidents and crime, using GOSAFE secure-storage solutions to stop the unauthorized use of firearms will also reduce the number of suicide-by-firearm deaths that occur each year. Every 22 minutes, a person commits suicide by firearm, accounting for three of every five firearm deaths and inflicting long-lasting pain and suffering on the family and friends left behind. The increase in suicides among returning combat veterans has made this an area of particular emphasis for Geist and the GOSAFE team.

“In this next chapter of my life, I’m going to continue to protect people by providing a secure storage solution for gun owners, one that preserves access and autonomy for the gun owner while also mitigating the likelihood of misuse,” Geist said. “The GOSAFE solution for securing firearms is one whose time has come and one that will benefit all Americans, whether or not they choose to exercise their right to own firearms.”

About GOSAFE Technologies, Inc.

Founded by professional gun owners for gun owners, GOSAFE Technologies, Inc. is a revolutionary new leader in mobile firearm security products, training, risk mitigation and outreach initiatives designed to make firearm ownership safe by preventing unauthorized and accidental use. The company is committed to empowering every citizen to safely travel with and store their firearms in absolute confidence. GOSAFE products provide unmatched firearm safety, mobility and quick access empowering gun owners to protect lives by having a mobile safe inside the gun to keep it ready when needed and safe when not.

To learn more about GOSAFE and the latest product introductions, visit Follow GOSAFE on Instagram and Facebook.

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