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Co-Hosting GBGuns

Who wouldn’t want to go shoot a multitude of guns, experience numerous types of ammunition in every imaginable type of weather all while on camera for the inter webs to dissect and criticize at a later date? These are just some of the joys I get to have co-hosting Graham’s YouTube channel. One of the unseen advantages of this privilege is the continuing education.

Learning proper terminology about the different parts of a firearm (the “grip” is actually stock), the many different types of operating systems like the classic VZ52, Hammer vs Striker, the history of the gun makers that continues to evolve even today. There is just so much to know and it’s fascinating! I thought I knew some things about guns, and I did but I’ve learned so much more in the last two years.

I’ve also nearly memorized our entire What’s For Dinner kit; bullet weights, types, coatings, casings and of course why we test steel and aluminum. It took me some time but each variance through any weapon has the potential to change the way that gun “feels” when you shoot it. It’s so much more than just the loud noise and the sound of steel. Some can leave one not wanting another round while others will make you wonder how the gun was even able to operate. Of course, let’s not forget that some of the rounds have a pleasant aroma when fired than others. If you’re able, next time you’re at the range analyze what different types of rounds “feel” like or what your experience is. Have you noted any specific types of ammo that you prefer over others and why?

The list of things learned is ever evolving. It’s a joy even on days when one of us has to drag the other there. I would be interested in continuing this education and also sharing with you things I’ve learned.

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Nice Teya, immersing the reader into just more than pulling the trigger... being able to really sink into the sport is awesome. I used tease my wife for stretching after she finished a magazine at the range, but later realized it was a good thing for her to add to the release of firing the gun, and lower BP, and be in the moment. Thank you!

By the way... site needs a 'favicon' so it can be easily ID'd in a sea of open browser tabs.

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