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The Ammo Savings Account

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When the ammo crunch hit in 2020 it came quickly. We expected a brief crunch due to the election, another brief crunch due to social unrest and weakened police forces. We also could forsee that with the economic shift from prosperity to increased unemployment, and more folks working form home that there would be an increase in demand. What I think most weren't expecting were all of those things to happen at once while supply and distribution is also choked.

Fans of the channel may have noticed that although we reduced our content output, we were still able to continue filming all through 2020 and generally kept our schedule. Part of how we were able to do that was another thing our long-time supporters know about: Ammo Squared.

An Ammo Bank Account? Ammo Squared has evolved and advanced over the years that we've been a customer, and only gotten better ever time. It's essentially a savings account for ammunition.

  • You set a monthly budget by caliber and projectile type and relax while your "balance" increases over time.

  • Prices per round fluctuate just like they do in the market, but for the us it comes out somewhere between the high price of retail ammunition and low price of bulk buying.

  • Your monthly allowance is spent down to a tenth of a round, tenths are combined, and only complete boxes ship.

  • Ammo Squared has also opened opportunities to sell back ammo in your account, handy if your needs change.

  • Shipments happen by a trigger you set, either when a round count is reached, dollar amount, or on demand.

What's it Good For? We originally became customers years ago as a way to have ammo budgeted. The channel wasn't using much, but there was still a continual need. Bulk ammunition was of course cheaper, but not always affordable and local prices didn't seem fair after enjoying the cost benefit of buying bulk. With Ammo Squared we could control our spend and get access to ammo not always locally available. As time went on our ammunition needs and budget grew, and Ammo Squared became a way to set a budget for calibers we don't always shoot, but want to keep a supply of.

With the ammo crunch it became a source as we cashed in on some of those reserves to make sure we could continue to shoot and film. That crunch of course set demand at an all-time high and Ammo Squared was forced to stop accepting new customers and eventually had to limit which calibers were available. Those who had account balances still got their shipments, but new orders couldn't be accepted.

Today Ammo Squared's novel concept of an ammo bank account makes more sense that ever. If you're interested in checking it out yourself use this link ( )and receive a $20 credit on your account. Additionally Ammo Squared will match a portion of your spend and add to our account so we can keep bringing you videos.

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1 Comment

There's more than enough Ammo in there to stem time when the zombie apocalypse begins 🤨😁 This Ammo service is a great deal, and any money/Ammo tucked away is Money/Ammo there when the public has none. I don't see this virus kept at bay anytime soon, especially if more variants start to pop up! Thanks for sharing again for the people who haven't seen it yet!

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