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Steel to Reel Summer 2021

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Last May we showed you a subscription box that actually makes sense. In our video we took a look at what came in the Survivor Elite box and what each item individually would cost after some simple internet shopping. We've seen other box clubs, and are sure you've seen a ton of them as YouTube seems to be flooded with them each month. Some of them are cool, others not so much. Some prove to be a value, others not so much. We were impressed with Steel to Reel and so agreed to continue taking a look and showing you what we get.

The box we get is quarterly and the summer box has arrived. After looking up each item included the box's value is about $688 for the quarterly fee of $399.99. Without shipping costs that's a 58% over-value of savings.

The gear included is once again the sort of stuff that's good to have, can make camping or emergencies a lot easier at the least, and could be life-saving. I admit that many of the items are the type of thing that when I see in a store or online I think "oh that's cool" yet somehow I refuse to budget for. I appreciate Steel to Reel for making that budget something I don't have to think about and so far always selecting truly useful and smart products. Steel to Reel also keeps us out of anti-American REI. We still get great products, but our support goes to companies who love our country.

Here's the breakdown of this box. Some links are direct to the manufacturer's site and are not affiliate links, others to retailers with competitive pricing, some of which are affiliate links where you purchase helps support our ability to have this website and continue such videos.

A very cool, very modern way of making drinkable water on the go. In Afghanistan I endured iodine tablets when we ran out of water and could find a stream. I also experienced dysentery in Afghanistan and have been weary of natural water sources ever since. This 16oz water bottle filters 99.9% of viruses (including Rotavirus, Norovirus, and Hepatitis A), 99.9999% of bacteria (including E. Coli, Salmonella, and Dysentery), chemicals such as chlorine and benzene, and heavy metals including lead and arsenic. I really wish I had something like this in Afghanistan and this bottle will be coming with us when we film in the woods (it's Western Oregon, running ground water is usually nearby).

(link is for the full set on Optics Planet, use code "GBGuns" for 5% off) A continuation of what we got in the previous shipment , this super-thin card can slip in your wallet and provides the tools to defeat locks, tape, rope, handcuffs, zip-ties and other restraints. Mental images of secret agent escapes are cool, but the reality is a tool like this could save your life.

Klymit LWD: (link is for Optics Planet, use code "GBGuns" for 5% off). This handy dinghy

comes in a waterproof bag that doubles to help inflate it. We tested the inflation method out and were float-ready in about ten minutes without being winded. Honestly this thing would have come in handy on a recent weekend trip to the river, but the survival application of it is a serious one. When the temperature drops and you're trying to conserve energy there's nothing fun about swimming chilly water and getting your self and your stuff wet. Unlike fun pool toys the LWD has a bottom to keep you out of the water while fording.

HybridLight Pro Kit: LEDs have made powerful and efficient lighting and easy thing to find. What we like about this kit is that it's all not only solar powered, but also offers USB charging for other devices. One of the lights even doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and radio. Solar-powered lights of the past were unimpressive as the panels were inefficient and bulbs demanded too much power, but thanks to LEDs these lights are bright and offer longer run times. This kit will be handy camping, in a bugout bag, and stashed around the house for the next power outage.

HybridLight Puc 150: This neat little device was also in the Pro Kit, but after playing with it I'm glad we have two. It's a flashlight that expands to be a lantern, solar powered or chargeable with USB and also provides a USB charging capability for mobile devices. This thing is super versatile and boasts a 40-hour run time as well as the ability to hold a charge for seven years. An easy item to toss into a backpack, bugout kit, or the car.

Fiskars Hori Hori: A great example of when a seemingly everyday item can have great use in or out of a "prep". This gardening tool excited both Teya and I as we have a small garden where this will be put straight to use, but could also serve well in a survival kit. A weeding tip, depth measurement, flat blade, and serrated blade are all present making this trowel-type tool very versatile. "Hori" by the way is Japanese for "dig", and this tool is likely to be.... around the yard for many applications.

Prep-Right Survival Food Tablets: "Like dog treats for hikers" is how Teya describes this concept. These snack-sized chewable tablets are intended to be consumed one per hour for an added boost of protein, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. Not quite a "meal replacement", but the nutrition you need to keep going in a resealable pouch and 10-year shelf life.

Aftershock Preparedness 48 Hour Survival Kit The 48-hour kit seems unavailable on their website, so we doubled the cost of the 24-hour kit for our estimated value. This small box has a 25-year shelf life and contains meals for a family of four for two days. From the research we could do it appears it's all dehydrated foods that need only water and heat. Potable water can be tough to find in an emergency, but that's where the water purifier comes in handy once again.

LitezAll 120 Lumen Flashlight: This light doesn't appear on the manufacturer's website so like many products in this category may have been discontinued or replaced. Though the least-exciting of the shipment, flashlights are always handy. What sets this one apart is that it's USB rechargeable and features a broad panel of LEDs to serve as more of an area light if desired.

Live Fire Emergency Fire Starter: (link is for the full set on Optics Planet, use code "GBGuns" for 5% off) The product name is a bit

misleading. This tin contains a slow-burning material that is waterproof

and can even be lit after being submerged. You'll still need a source of spark, but the concept is that the contents in the tin burns slowly to use as a starter for bigger fires. The lid slides to control how much flame (and how long it will last).

Is Steel to Reel still worth it? Our answer is a resounding "YES". Now two shipments in the boxes have consisted of 100% usable items that have applications beyond potential emergency use. Many of the items are handy around the house or in daily use and all of the items have been delivered at a considerable savings over sourcing them individually and either driving to pick them up or having them delivered. As a classic skeptic I appreciate that Steel to Reel defeats my "well yeah but I could just boil water instead" ways rationalizing myself out of good gear. Sign up for the club and let someone else worry about finding the best price for useful gear.

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