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Ringing Steel

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For the last few years we've had an ABC-zone target we use for warming up, speed runs, and general plinking. We chose this size of target to fit multiple needs. A target with a training value and one that doesn't weight a ton to transport and set up are two big factors.

Training Value: What shape are we training to engage? Small square and round targets are great, but the morbid reality is that a torso is what the mind needs to be accustomed to seeing out of focus beyond the front sight. Shooting error absorption and speed limitations on a torso are different than they would be on a circle, square or other shape. Yes you can miss small to hit small, but a target closer to real-world shape if worth it in our eyes.

Weight: At 24lbs this ABC zone isn't unbearable and the 12"x24" size means it fits easily in the trunk alongside other things we're bringing to the range.

For the base we use CTS's On-Ground base. You might not think that a target base is all that important but it can make a difference. To start this base and target (with the hanger ) has the 2x4 piece of wood oriented with the 2" side facing the fire. That in theory cuts the amount of wood getting chewed up by errant shots and spall in half. The broad stance keeps the target level while the somewhat pointed feet dig in deeper with each impact.

This setup has proven safer than other options as the hanger does not angles the steel downward to deflect steel into the ground. The bolt used is rounded which is also much safer than the hook-type hanging systems seen elsewhere.

Combined this set up is easily transported (depending on how long you cut your 2x4) and has been brought along to the range in the back of a sedan without issue. Shooting steel can never replace paper targets for judging accuracy, but the ring of steel gives immediate feedback when a hit is all you're looking for.

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