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Lucid Optics Updates the L7!

Lucid Optics has updated the 1-6x24 L7 scope we've reviewed previously. A new reticle, new glass and coatings are some of the upgrades.

We've been fans of Lucid Optics' scopes. Value priced, incredibly clear glass, and some of the finest reticles we've ever seen. Admittedly, these scopes are a bit niche. The ultra-fine reticles and 1/8 moa floating center aiming point are both a major advantage and disadvantage depending on your application. The new L7 has a thicker reticle that promises to be much easier to see and use.

A close-crop of the new reticle with subtensions

By being ultra-fine, the reticle permits for an exact aiming point and will no obscure your view of the target or field of view. On the other hand, when speed counts it can be hard to find the reticle in the field of view. If there's not enough contrast between reticle and target it can be very hard to see. I took a Lucid Optics L7 to a specialty mid-range course that required a low-powered variable optic to be used for torso-sized targets from 100 to 650 yards (more on that experience, including use of the L7 can be seen here). The fine reticle's attributes described above were amplified at that course. I could spot targets easily, but sometimes struggled to find my reticle. The biggest struggle came from the few holdover points on the older reticle design.

You can see our review of the original Lucid Optics L7 in the video below.

From what we can tell the new reticle has more hold over spots and the reticle is slightly thicker. These are both welcome improvements.

Check out the L7 and other Lucid Optics offerings here.

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