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Lone Wolf Arms Dusk 19

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For more than two decades Lone Wolf has been producing replacement parts and solutions for those wanting more from their Glock pistols. Lone Wolf's offerings eventually grew to include everything one might need to build a Glock-pattern pistol and eventually Lone Wolf themselves decided to put it all together and offer the LTD 19 as a complete pistol.

The LTD 19 was incredibly light and well-mannered for its size and based on the popular Timber Wolf frame. Now Lone Wolf Arms has released an entirely new design and it and although still following the Glock pattern, the Dusk 19 is a pistol for the modern age.

There's a lot to see on the Dusk 19. Thumb rest, aluminum trigger, nicely-shapped trigger guard.

Stepping up to compete with the more-premium guns on the market, but priced in the mid range ($649.99-$699.99), the Dusk 19 looks to be a serious contender in today's market.

Dusk 19 Specs and Features as taken from the product web page:

Key Features:

  • Reflex Sight Ready with DUSK™ optic cover plate included

  • Interchangeable flat & rounded backstraps for comfortable, customized grip and integrated grip panels with form-fitting texture

  • Stainless steel PVD coated barrel with DUSK™ profile

  • New enhanced flat trigger system and ergonomic guard profile to reduce “Glock knuckle”

  • Front & rear serrations for ease of chambering and press check


OAL: 6.95"

Non-Threaded Barrel Length (breach – muzzle): 3.90”

Height (without sights): 4.61"

Non-Threaded Barrel Height (with sights): 4.94"

Upper Width: 1.00"

Lower Width: 1.14"

Magwell Width: 1.23"

Weight (without magazine): 19.8/oz.

Chamber: 9x19


OEM & Aftermarket parts compatible*


LWA Nitride SS Guide Rod & End Cap

LWA Reversible Magazine Release Button

LWA Extended Slide Stop Release

LWA Extended Takedown Lever

A favorite of the Dusk 19 are the angular reliefs on the beavertail. Just enough room to prevent knuckly bump.

Range Time of course followed our signature protocol, though Ms Teya was absent for this one. The protocl includes:

  • Cold Shots: Truly our first rounds through the gun.

  • Multi-Mag: Since the Dusk 19 pistol accepts Glock-pattern magazines eight different aftermarke Glock-pattern magazines were tested for fitment.

Included in the Dusk 19 Multi-Mag Test were: ProMag, Jagerman, AC Unity, BUL Armory, ETS, Extar, MagPul, and FAB Defense

  • What's For Dinner™: A test to see what ammunition the gun will eat. Does the gun feed the round from slide lock, will it cycle and feed another round of the same type, does the slide lock to the rear on empty, and is there any notable point of impact change with different loads.

For this gun we used the following ammunition:

Priced and linked where found at the time this article was written

50gr+p Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense: $27.54 / 20 at Sportsman's Guide

65gr ARX Inceptor: $18.67 / 25 at Firearms Depot

65gr Liberty Ammunition Civil Trainer $24.99 / 50 at Target Sports USA

100gr Fiocchi Lead Free Frangible $28.49 / 50 at Sportsman's Guide

115gr Fort Scott TUI $17.99 / 20 at Optics Planet

115gr Blazer Aluminum Case $17.59 / 50 at Optics Planet

115gr Wolf Steel Case: $13.77 / 50 at Sportsman's Guide

124gr Remington LeadLess $12.99 / 50 at Target Sports USA

138gr Federal SCHP $19.59 / 20 at Optics Planet

150gr Federal Syntech Action Pistol $21.05 /50 at Palmetto State Armory

  • Sights & Trigger Control: on a 6" spinner target at a distance of 12 yards. We got this from Titan Great Outdoors and use it to gauge how learnable the trigger is and usable the sights are for forced, timed, precise shots.

  • Practical Accuracy: Five shots from a distance of seven yards at a one inch target. This isn't so much about printing a tight group as it is a culmination of our shooting experience and time for us to collect thoughts prior to making a conclusion.

  • After Shots: Final impressions and reflections from the range session.

The results of all of this can be seen in the Shooting Impressions video below:

The Dusk 19 certainly delivers incredible ergonomics. It's amazing to think that this frame wraps around the Glock magazine and houses all the essentials, but feels more like something designed to be held than the 2x4 Glock 19. Fit and finish are excellent, shooting characteristics are pleasant. Accuracy was good despite a carry-level trigger. If there's anything I would change it might be to lighten the trigger a bit, but then it might be too light for carry. All-in, the Dusk 19 has elevated the Lone Wolf brand in my mind. I see the Dusk 19 pistol as a direct competitor to the higher-end Glock-based pistols in quality, features, and price.

The Dusk 19 features Night Fision sights; a personal favorite of mine.

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Joe Flowers
Joe Flowers
Nov 26, 2023

In the first two pics, it sure looks like the TRIGGER PIN has started walking out on you.

Graham Baates
Graham Baates
Nov 27, 2023
Replying to

Yes, it needed a tap. I saw that two while editing the photos.

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