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Get a Lower, Support GOA

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Palmetto State Armory, well known for making limited-run AR lowers with topical themes and humor has announced their latest. The GOA lower is more than just having fun with lower markings, it's also a fun raiser to support the Gun Owners of America in their fight to preserve (and in some cases regain) our rights.

If you're in the market for a new AR lower receiver, why not pick one up that also helps defend your right to enjoy it? $10 from ever Sheepdog-15 lower sale goes to Gun Owners of America.

The Sheepdog-15 lower receiver is marked with "Safety" for Safe, "Liberty" for Fire, and "GOA" for Auto.

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That's awesome. I will be getting one of those lowers. It's a good cause & it's good to see psa doing it.

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