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Channel Stolen!

They were able to move faster than I could click that actions weren't authorized.


We got the channel back this morning thanks to some YouTube friends and Google employees helping out over the weekend. We will keep the second channel as a backup or "B" channel, but do not plan on running both actively. The original channel is where we will be active.

After 8 years, 117,000 subscribers, and over 1,200 videos our channel has been stolen. Please unsubscribe/report the old channel and join us on our reboot "GBGunsMedia"and spread the word.

The criminals somehow hacked our gmail without tripping two-step verification, then removed our phone number and changed the backup email to a 10-minute temporary account. Not only is all of that work gone, but so is the small amount of revenue from the channel that we used to keep things going. Please subscribe to the new channel, let the videos play (so YouTube doesn't suppress this NEW and SMALL and GUN channel even more).

If you'd like us to be able to continue making content please consider supporting us by joining our Patrons.

In three hours they got in, changed the channel name, deleted our content, and stole the channel.

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